What Did Yoo Ah In Do? South Korean actor Arrested and Charges Details

Currently, the well-known South Korean actor Yoo Ah In is dragging the attention and limelight for his arrest news. People in large numbers have been searching for what happened to Yoo Ah In or if he is arrested or not. Since Yoo Ah In was embroiled in a controversy earlier this year on Feb 8, 2023, when police detained and interrogated him for propofol use. Now it is being speculated that the South Korean actor Yoo Ah In might have been arrested. Is it true? We have come up with this article to address the ongoing discussion about Yoo Ah In. People who are scrambling the news articles to learn the same are asked to stick with this page for a while and learn what happened to Yoo Ah In. Scroll down the page.

Yoo Ah In

Yoo Ah In Arrested and Charges

Prior to discussing Yoo Ah In’s arrest news, we should take a look at his profile and why people in large numbers follow him. Yoo Ah In is also known as Uhm Hong-sik but is affectionately known as Yoo Ah In. He is a renowned actor, gallerist, and creative director. People across South Korea recognize him for his appearance in various TV shows and films. In addition, the aforementioned South Korean actor also has been honored with multiple accolades including Asian Film Awards. Mainly Uhm Hong-sik essays dynamic characters. He was also honored with Prime Minister Award in 2016. You can check out his acting skills in projects like The Throne, Burning, Alive, and Six Flying Dragons. Scroll down the page.

He was questioned on Feb 8, 2023, by the police for propofol use as the department searched doctors’ offices and clinics located in Gangnam and Yongsan districts in Seoul where they suspected illegal propofol issued to the actor since 2021. Amid the suspect of illegal propofol issued to Yoo Ah In, he was banned from leaving South Korea. His urine also tested positive for marijuana but negative for propofol. Scroll down the page.

Reportedly, layer Yoo Ah In’s hair test was announced on Feb 23. During his test on Feb 23, he was found to test positive for propofol use through hair analysis. On March 1, 2023, he was found to test positive for drug use as parts of ketamine and cocaine were present in his hair. However, the Seoul Court denied the request of the police for Yoo Ah In’s formal arrest on drug charges. He appeared at the Seoul Central District Court in May 2023.

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