Big Brother Canada 11: Why Did Vanessa Leave Big Brother Canada?

Recently the news went viral about Big Brother Canada the Canadian television reality game show that was based on the Dutch reality show whose name was also Big Brother. In the recent season11, there was news going over the internet that consented Vanessa Mactavish is leaving the show. After this news fans are going through all over the internet to the reason behind her leaving the show. Her exit from the show leaves the people in sadness. It says that no one knows the real reason behind her exit. Her exit was really confusing for the people.

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Why Did Vanessa Leave Big Brother Canada?

Executive Producer Erin Brock also said that her departure was for undisclosed reasons. But some people also say that she was still a part of a show. And it appeared that Big Brother Canada is down to yet another houseguest And the Head of the household had to nominate someone else. According to the sources, The Big Brother game has taken many twists and turns this week. That was making everyone reveling their targets and forcing them to show their game. Many house guests were sad about the exit of Vanessa.

Big Brother Canada 11 Spoilers Who won the First HoH

It was a very big surprise for everyone when she decided to go back with her family and leave her experience in Big Brother. This news was told to houseguests in the special announcement. Where they all are informed that Vanessa has decided to leave and go back to her family. They were also informed that the head of the house Kuzie have only one hour to name the new Nomination. Kuzie gives his thoughts about her exit and says that hearing Vanessa is leaving the game makes him really sad. And he doesn’t have the time to think about the new nominee with this much less time.

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Big Brother Canada 11 Spoilers Who won the First HoH

Vanessa Mactavish who was 47 years old lives in Calgary, Alta with her husband and children. Before coming to this reality show she was a Yoga instructor in Alta. It’s her belief that she was selected for the show because she can own her differences and encourage others to do as well. In starting of this show she also says that her strategy was going to be unapologetic. She also said that being away from her husband and kids going to be hard for her. The news went viral over the internet that she was exiting the game because of some serious health issues. But this was only a rumor there was no clear statement regarding her exit.

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