Fact check: Is D’monterrio Gibson Fired? What Happened To D’monterrio Gibson?

It doesn’t matter how much we claim to develop or be open-minded. Most of us are still living with primitive thinking and prejudiced minds. Racism and colourism are still existing and several people are facing it on a daily basis. Shockingly, many highly educated people discriminate the people on the basis of their color and develop an inferiority complex in their mind for their own existence. There are many shocking events available in society that show that these evil things still exist and how they affect the lives of other people.

D'monterrio Gibson

What Happened To D’monterrio Gibson?

One recent example has come which once again shocks the world and gives a topic to have a discussion on it. The latest incident of racial discrimination has happened in a well-known company which is another reason for this news to be on top. According to numerous reports, FedEx removed a Black driver and the reason for his termination was that he reported being shot during his work and the perpetrator was a white man. Now this termination has once again raised questions about the safety of employees at the workplace and issues of racial discrimination among employees.

D'monterrio Gibson

This incident highlights the issues of racism and the treatment of employees within the firm. Now people are getting furious and keen to know what the entire matter is and why this company took a harsh step against a victim. Is he really a victim and if yes then why company treating him like a criminal? According to the reports, FedEX has removed a Black employee who rejected an alternative job position after a heinous incident happened to him. He informed his company about this incident. As per the victim, he was pursued and shot by 2 White men when he was delivering packages.

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D'monterrio Gibson

The report states that the termination came after a mistrial was announced for the attempted murder case against the son and father who are accused in this attack. Instead of listening to him, the company took harsh action against him without his fault. The victim is identified as 25 years old, D’Monterrio Gibson. He faced a horrifying experience when the two white men chased him for around 7 minutes at the time of his delivery route in Brookhaven, Mississippi. The report states that this incident happened on 24th January 2022.

The perpetrators fired numerous shots at his delivery van, directing Gibson to take paid leave and looking for treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Carlos Moore, the attorney of Gibson disclosed that on 26 July 2023, his client got an email that stating his employment had been removed. The attorney of Gibson criticized the decision of FedEx, highlighting the lack of compassion and empathy for the situation of Gibson.

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