Who Is Luke Cassidy? Snapchat predator who used cannabis sweets and vapes to groom child

People are talking about Like Cassidy on social media ever since the last episode of Forensics: The Real CSI was streamed. Who is Luke Cassidy? Episode 4 of the BBC Two series Forensics: The Real CSI shows the untold story of Luke Cassidy who is a paedophile. The documentary tells how Luke Cassidy groomed the child and abused them sexually. The harrowing episode of Forensics: The Real CSI has left everyone in a frenzy to search for who is Luke Cassidy and where he is now. Lots of discussions are being done about Luke who is referred to as the Coventry predator who used social media to groom children. You are asked to stick with this page and must go through this article. Take a peek at the following sections. Scroll down.

Luke Cassidy

Who Is Luke Cassidy?

Forensics: The Real CSI episode 4 shows the Coventry predator using social media especially Snapchat to groom the children. He used cannabis sweets and vapes to groom the minors and later threatened them to kill their family members. According to the reports, the Snapchat predator abused a 12-year-old girl and later threatened to burn her home down. Episode 4 of Forensics: The Real CSI mainly focuses on the efforts and ways of West Midlands Police to catch the predator and serve justice to the victim. Scroll down the page and know more about it.

Luke Cassidy

The viewers of Forensics: The Real CSI were told tracking a Paedopjile also strike a chord with guardians and parents worried about the threat their children face online. The fourth episode of Forensics: The Real CSI aired on Tuesday, June 6 on BBC Two. The story of Luke Cassidy was covered in the crime documentary series to make people aware of social media predators. The documentary revolves around how the authorities got to know about Luke Cassidy after receiving a distressing call at 999 and how the West Midland Police tirelessly worked to bring justice to the minor girl. Scroll down the page.

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Luke Cassidy

West Midland Police started the investigation after a call from the victim’s father who said a man aged 20 years raped his daughter on multiple occasions. Nonetheless, the minor child victim bravely gave a statement to the police. In the statement, she details how Cassidy groomed her on Snapchat and texts by posing as a 15-year-old himself. According to the child, he raped her whenever she met her five or six times between Sept and Dec. Stay tuned to this website for more details and updates.

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