Layoff: Is Max Kellerman Fired? Where Is Max Kellerman Going After Leaving ESPN? New Job and Salary

Max Keller was fired from ESPN. According to their new strategy of ESPN, they are reducing their employees. They are firing their employees just to increase profitability. This strategy is really beneficial for them as it has increased the media attention and has gained amazing public. As we all know ESPN has also fired “Max Kellerman”, now his fans are very worried for him. Some people are concerned for his future now. They want to know what he is gonna do now. Where he is going now? He was the host of the show “This Just In with Max Kellerman.” Along with his show, he also used to host “Keyshawn, JWill & Max”. And the cost of this show “Keyshawn Johnson” has also been fired from his job. This is completely shocking news for all the employees who used to work at ESPN. Now go through the next paragraph below to know more.

Max Kellerman

Why Was Max Kellerman Fired?

Alongside Max Kellerman, ESPN has fired most of their employee as a part of their new strategy by Disney. The people who don’t what is ESPN, so ESPN is a parent company. They have reduced workers to increase profits. Max Kellerman was fired on 30th June 2023. His morning radio show which he used to co-host with Jay Williams and Keyshawn Johnson was also canceled some weeks ago. This radio show was canceled some weeks ago before this news came out on the internet.

Max Kellerman

ESPN has not given any statement regarding this controversy. They have not provided any specific reason but our sources have clear that this is a part of their series of broader cuts. Some sources claim that ESPN strategy makers thought it is necessary to reduce the number of employees. This will might be good for cost saving and it worked for them. And they are also gonna reduce more employees in near future.

Max Kellerman

Till now Max Keller has also not given any statement regarding this case. He is completely silent right now. Because of this, it is not clear where he is going now after leaving ESPN. Till now he has not shared his future plans. But his fans are saying that it is a very bad strategy of ESPN that they suddenly fired Max from his job. As per the sources, currently, he is looking for a new job. He has also not shared anything on Twitter yet. He posted his last tweet one day before he got fired. We wish that soon he is gonna inform his fans about his new job. So this was all about Max Keller firing controversy.

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