What did Carlos and Talitha say in their interview? Is Carlee Russell Adbucted?

This article is going to talk about a very serious topic. The parents of Carlee Russell are in support of her. This news is the most trending news right now. The evidence against her is continuously mounting that she has done a fake disappearance. people are literally shocked after listening to this news. The parents of Carlee Russell have maintained that their daughter was abducted. But law enforcement is not believing this. The statement of her parents is viral and making rounds on the internet. Everybody is very curious to know about this whole case so read the whole article to know each and every single detail of this case.

Carlos and Talitha

What did Carlos and Talitha say in their interview?

Carlee Russell real name is “Carleitha”. Her parent’s name is Carlos and Talitha Russell. Her parents are still standing with Carlee and they are also saying that their daughter was really kidnapped, she is not lying at all. And in an interview, Talitha and Carlos provided some further information so that people can really believe that their daughter was kidnapped. They said, they waited for the agony when the police were looking for Carelee and they said that they received some fake calls and texts from the people who were claiming that their daughter is kidnapped by them.

Is Carlee Russell Adbucted

The police officers have found no evidence regarding the abduction of Carlee Russell. But sources claim that her search history shows that she has faked all these abduct cases and she has planned and then she faked her disappearance. Police have found some real evidence against Carlee, but she is not accepting these allegations. But still, after all these allegations her parents are still standing in support of their daughter. Till now it is not been properly proved whether the statement of Carlee was true or not. Or is she lying? Now scroll down and read the information about her parents.

As we have all seen the name of Carlee Russell on social media for some past days. Currently, her name is in the headlines. Her case is a very strange case which we have never seen till now. So the whole story of this case is. On 13th July 2023, Thursday, Carlee called 911 and said that there was a man who was walking alone on the side of the highway in Alabama. But then she disappears and then she reappears at her family house after 48 hours.  This is a very shocking and mysterious case because nothing is much clear. Scroll down to the next paragraph now. The truth is not revealed yet.

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