Why Is Rahul Gandhi Arrested? India’s Congress leader gets 2-year jail in ‘Modi surname’ remark case

The sword of the arrest is hanging on the head of many politicians throughout the world. Earlier we heard that the ICC court has issued an arrest warrant against the President of Russia. Now the arrest news of an Indian politician has come which is shocking his followers. As per the reports, the politician Rahul Gandhi gets 2 years in prison in the “Modi Surname” Case. Now ever since people heard this news they want to know if is it true and where he is now. According to the reports, the Congress leader was found guilty and convicted to 2 years in jail on Thursday, 23rd March 2023 in the 2019 criminal defamation case.

Rahul Gandhi

Why Is Rahul Gandhi Arrested?

The case has been lodged over his remarks on the surname of the President of India, Narendra Modi by the court in Surat, Gujarat. Though as expected, he was granted bail and his conviction was suspended for 1 month to let him appeal the decision. The reports state that the case was lodged against Mr. Gandhi by Purnesh Modi, the former Gujarat minister, and BJP MLA for stating, “How come to all bandits have the common surname, Modi?”

Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi made derogatory remarks while addressing a rally in Karnataka ahead of the year 2019 elections of Lok Sabha in which he targeted the Indian Prime Minister over his surname the Lok Sabha MP from Wayanad with escapee businessmen Lalit Modi and Nirav Modi. After the judgment of the 1st comment, Mr. Gandhi quoted Mahatma Gandhi made a tweet in Hindi which states that “My religion is based on non-violence and truth.  I worship my God which is the truth and the non-violence the means to get it.”

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Rahul Gandhi

After his tweet, Priyanka Gandhi, the Congress leader as well as the sister of Rahul Gandhi Vadra made the tweet, “Frightened rulers are pulling out all prevent to suppress the voice of @RahulGandhi ji. Everyone knows that my brother has never been scared, nor will he ever be. Nobody can stop him to speak the truth. We always think about the rights of our people and continue to raise our voices.” She further added that the power of the truth and the blessing of people are with my brother. According to the reports, he came up to Surat on Wednesday, 22nd March 2023 for the court hearing and he was received by the strong and top leaders of the Gujarat unit of Congress. In the evening he came back to Delhi. The members and supporters of Congress turned out at many spots in Surat as a show of support and strength for Mr. Gandhi.

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