Why Is Lamar Jackson Leaving Baltimore Ravens? American football quarterback reportedly ready to move on from Ravens

The fans of Lamar Jackson are currently stressed ever since they hear about him leaving news from his team. This hearsay is currently making rounds all over the web and confusing people about its reality. His fans and watchers want to know if this news is true and if it is then why he is leaving his team. There is no doubt in saying that, Lamar Jackson is one of the most dynamic, and exciting quarterbacks in the National Football League. He officially started playing football in the year 2018 when he was drafted by the team “Baltimore Ravens” and since then he is playing with this time.

Lamar Jackson

Why Is Lamar Jackson Leaving Baltimore Ravens?

Since 2018, he has become the face of the franchise. The electrifying and strong playing of the player on the football field has helped him to accumulate a good fan following who are always get excited to know more about him. Apart from it, in recent months, hearsay has been making rounds about his future with the Ravens. Now his fans want to know if is he really leaving the team and if yes, then what is the reason behind it. The 26-year-old quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens is pulling the attention of the people as the hearsay of his related to leaving his team is making rounds for months.

Lamar Jackson

The team Ravens has recently applied a non-exclusive franchise tag to Jackson, which means that he is now free to get the chance to play in other teams as well as to negotiate with them, but the Ravens have the right to match any kind of offer he gets. Now this move has directed speculation that Jackson may be on his way to leaving his team and admirers are keen to know why he is doing so. However, there are a few reasons are find behind it considering the reason for his leaving the Ravens. One of the key factors or the reason is his contract situation with the team.

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Lamar Jackson

After the 2023 season, the quarterback of the Baltimore Ravens is ready to become a free agent, and he may be seeking a big payday. However, Baltimore Ravens are attempting to negotiate a long-term deal with him, but so far they have been not able to come to an agreement. Apart from it, the real struggle of the team is also considered one of the factors. The team has failed to make it past the divisional rounds in the last 2 seasons and maybe Jackson is now looking to do a fresh start with the new team that has a good chance of triumphing in the championship.

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