What Happened To Anthony Thorpe? Jeffery L. Thorpe Charged With Reckless Homicide

Anthony Thorpe’s father, Jeffery L. Thorpe, is charged with murder charges. People want to know more about the case. What happened to Anthony Thorpe? You will get complete details about Anthony Thorpe in this article. keep reading for more information.

Anthony Thorpe

What Happened To Anthony Thorpe?

Anthony Thorpe was a 2-year-old kid. He was born to Jeffery L. Thorpe and Aaliyah Scales. He had a gunshot wound in his head. He passed away on 6th November 2021. Anthony’s father, Jeffery L. Thorpe has been charged for showing negligence and homicide. He is 24 years old. According to some sources and investigations, the child took the gun and shot. The gunshot wound on his head took his life.

Jeffery was running away from his arrest. The incident took place on 6th November 2021. He was arrested in the Nashville area. After the report was released again, it was found that the charges were not made for felony child neglect. He was charged for other things. People are curious to know more about the case as it has come into highlight.

Anthony Thorpe

Anthony Thorpe 2 Year Old Passed Away Due To Gunshot Wound:

Jeffery L. Thorpe and Aaliyah gave birth to Anthony. The couple was in a relationship. He passed away due to a self-inflicted gunshot wound. His son passed away at the age of 2 years. Jeffery put the pistol on his bed when he returned home that night. His son took the pistol and shot himself. many sources claim that his mother was also sitting along with him. His father, Heffery was taking a shower. They both took the child to the hospital. His father left the hospital. His mother was there with him.

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Anthony Thorpe

Jeffery L. Thorpe Arrest:

Jeffery L. Thorpe was arrested on Wednesday 3rd May 2023. He faced assault and was arrested at that time. He was running in a vehicle as a passenger. when the team tried to stop him, the vehicle does not stop. He was being tracked through the helicopter. As soon as he left the vehicle and ran, he was arrested. His girlfriend is also said to be a victim of assault. He has also faced assault charges.

He has been imprisoned in Downtown Detention Center. Anthony must get his justice. He was quite young at the time he lost his life. He was having a lot to do in his life. This was all about Anthony Thorpe’s arrest and charges. We keep bringing such details on our website. Stay tuned for more information about your favorite celebs.

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