The Covenant School: Who Is John Drake’s Wife? Is Police Chief Married?

People are eager to know more about Chief John Drake’s wife as he is the main officer in the area where the shooting took place in a school. You will get complete details about his wife in this article. Keep reading for more information. John Drake is the chief of police Metro Nashville Police Department. Audrey Hale is said to be a suspect and killed six people. Six people were killed and three were children. The murder happened in Nashville on Monday. The school maps were created to get information. The incident started when the shooters entered the school through a door with continuous firing. The school authorities later made a conversation with the shooter’s father. People are curious to know more about John Drake’s wife. Let us have more details about Chief John.  

John Drake

Who Is John Drake’s Wife?

John Drake is the Chief of the Police Department of Nashville. He started his career in 1988. We don’t have many details about his wife. He started his early life by working in Law Enforcement in the Patrol Division. Later, he worked at the Vice Division Narcotics Unit. He used to handle drug traffickers at an intermediate and high level. After leaving the Narcotics Unit, he started mentoring candidates for the Juvenile Basketball program. In the first year itself, he was mentoring 100 participants. Later, he reached 1300 participants. He also started a Junior Golf Program. Let us have more details about John Drake. 

John Drake

Who Are in The Family of Chief John Drake: 

John is a loyal man. He is mature in his life. His father was blind. He mentions that he used to cook perfectly. He is inspired by his father. His mother also has a disability, but he loves his mother. He faced a lot of struggles in his childhood, but he managed to become a successful police officer. He has worked in handling cases of homicide and theft. He worked for 4 years as an investigative lieutenant. Later, he became captain and served 6 months as an overnight field supervisor.  

Audrey Hale

What Happened in Covenant School Shooting? 

According to the police investigation, the suspect entered the school through a side door. The suspect was having two assault firearms. The officers were on the first floor. They heard gunshots coming from the second floor. The police officers killed the suspect. The suspect already planned the school map as he had knowledge about all the school entrances. The children who were killed in the incident were 9 years old. The suspect has been killed. Stay tuned for more details about your favorite celebrities. 

Nashville School Shooting Video

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