Who is the mother and father of Jub Jub: Jacqueline Mama Jackie Maarohanye And Sydney Maarohanye

Jackie Maarohanye and Sydney Maarohanye, Jub Jub’s parents, split in 2016. They are no longer married. Learn more about his family life by clicking here. Jub Jub, also known as Molemo Katleho Maarohanye, is a well-known rapper and media figure from South Africa. He is also well-known for hosting Uyajola on 9/9. Jub, a kid celebrity, was first noticed in 1991 after appearing in a well-known Coca-Cola television commercial. Even Doctor Khumalo, a football great, was present. Jub has also made appearances in a number of television programs, such as Selimathunzi, Jam Alley, and Channel O. He is currently in the news after being accused of rape, assault, and attempted murder on Thursday. People have been curious about his family history ever since they heard the news.

father of Jub Jubs

Who is the mother and father of Jub Jubs

On June 29, 1980, in South Africa, Jub Jub was born to parents Jacqueline “Mama Jackie” and Sydney Maarohanye. Jackie, his mother, is reputed to be a gifted South African heroin. She also had an appearance in the doc Ithuteng. She had a significant impact on the Mzansi people through the documentary and educated them about the children who are the victims of violent crimes, which attracted well-known contributors like Oprah Winfrey and Nelson Mandela to support her cause. In addition, Sydney, his father, is a successful businessman and marketing expert. According to reports, Jackie and Sydney split in 2016, hence they are reportedly no longer married.

Jub Jubs

After 36 years of marriage, they filed for divorce and, according to reports, were at loggerheads over how to divide their joint wealth and spousal support. Jub Jub has kept all information regarding his family history out of the public eye. As Jub Jub has kept everything about his family history out of the limelight, it has been claimed that he is not the only child of his parents. Jub and his three siblings were reared together, therefore it has been claimed that he is not his parents’ only child.

Jacqueline Mama Jackie Maarohanye And Sydney Maarohanye

Even though none of the verified media sources has yet provided the specifics, certain online sites have asserted that Jub has more than three siblings. The rapper has also avoided speaking to the public about his family life. This suggests that Jub would rather keep his personal information private than divulge it to the press. Numerous websites, including Buzz South Africa, have stated that Jub Jub is married and that his wife is Zenith “Zed” Mia. The pair supposedly met in a prison, according to the same report.

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