Fact check: Is Punchmade Dev Arrested? What Did Rapper Do?

Those people who are using social media are confused after reading a name that is connected with arrest news. This confusion is making them find out the details of this case. We know that it is not new to hear such news but sometimes the intensity of the case forces people to know about it and learn from the mistakes of others. Now speaking about this case, the name which is creating a stir on social media is Punchmade Dev. This might be a new name for many people to hear but there are some people who already know him and even follow him on social media.

Punchmade Dev

Is Punchmade Dev Arrested?

Basically, he is a rapper who has a decent amount of fan following on social media. But now the question is what crime he has committed which brought him into the news. As per multiple reports, the rapper has faced the accusation of scamming people. It is not new for people to hear the arrest news of a rapper as most rappers pull the headlines not because of their projects but due to several crimes. But every time this type of news gets a lot of attention. His fans are surely in shock after learning his arrest news and they want to know how he scammed people. Before talking about the case, let’s find out about the rapper.

Punchmade Dev

Who Is Punchmade Dev?

Punchmade Dev is an American rapper, artist, producer, and musician. He is famous for his creative ways of using social media, technology, and video gaming to establish a big fan base. He is considered one of the most famous names in the underground hip-hop scene. Many other Southern rappers such as Chief Keef, Soulja Boy, and several others are inspirations of him. He is quite popular on social media and many people follow him. But now there are some people who are stating that he is a scammer who asserts to sell cards that can be linked to an app called “Cash App” which is withdrawing the money of the people.

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Punchmade Dev

However, at this moment we are not sure about his arrest as no official website has claimed anything. Though as per Tweet, the rapper disclose that cops took around $160K from him. Apart from it, the pictures of the rapper on social media are also coming fore which shows that he is showing off his wealth and carrying bundles of money. At present, no accurate information is available regarding this case but our sources are trying to get the information and we are promising that as soon as we get any update we will share it here. Till then stay tuned with us and follow for more national and international news.

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