Jackie Miller James illness and Heath update 2023: Influencer wakes up from induced coma

Jackie Miller James is in the headlines. People are curious to know more about Jackie James. You will get complete details about Jackie James in this article. Keep reading for more information.

Jackie Miller James

Who Is Jackie Miller James?

Jackie Miller Jamesis a well-known health and beauty influencer. She has been through a medically induced coma. She also works as a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills. She is also a good dancer. She is in the headlines as she goes through a life-threatening medical emergency. She went through an Aneurysm rupture. She was 39 weeks pregnant at that time. She also had her first child at that time. You can follow her on Instagram @jaxandrose. She posts actively on her social media accounts. She is married to her husband, Austin. He came there at the right time to prevent her. He had a crucial role in saving her. Doctors were under huge pressure to save both the child and the mother. She was medically sent to a coma.

Jackie Miller James

After she was induced into a coma. Both things were done simultaneously. Her C-section and brain surgeries were done at the same time. This time was stressful for her and her husband. This sudden rupture was intense and scary for her life. She was saved by the fast actions of the medical practitioners. The induced coma made her baby and herself safe. However, there was still a lot of uncertainty about events. Anything could take place. The good news is that she is safe along with her baby. People are curious to know more about her baby.

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Jackie Miller James

More Details About Jackie Miller’s Baby:

Jackie Miller’s baby was born with C Section. There was also GoFundMe raised for her. As Jackie was in critical condition, her baby was in the neonatal Intensive care unit for almost 12 days. The baby was given special care important for her. There has been a lot of difficulty in the process. She is recovering now. Let us conclude the above.

Jackie Miller was said to be having a difficult phase in life. She was pregnant. She was 39 weeks pregnant. She had a rupture. This leads to her immediate hospitalization. She was admitted to the hospital and her husband, Austin, came in time and save her. She was medically induced into a coma for her brain surgery and c-section at the same time. She and her baby are fine now. Stay tuned for more details.

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