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In this article, we will talk about an undisputed and unbeatable lawyer known as “Langue de Chat Cookie”. Meet Langue de Chat Cookie who is a rookie lawyer who is undefeated yet because Langue de Chat Cookie has not fought any legal battle yet. Is not Langue de Chat Cookie an interesting character? Langue de Chat Cookie believes “to become a famous lawyer, I must take famous cases!” But Langue has not got any famous cases yet. This is why he is an undisputed lawyer. If you are finding Langue de Chat Cookie an interesting character, you must read this column till the end as we have a lot more to tell you about him. Swipe down the page and take a look below.

Langue De Chat Cookie Run

Langue De Chat Cookie Run

Langue de Chat Cookie is an Epic Cookie originating from Korea, released alongside his Pet. In the first half of the Face the Trial, Case File update. The undefeated lawyer enters a courtroom while running in a hurry to counter the arguments of his opponent. Talking about mock trial days, Langue de Chat Cookie used to eat the lunch packed by his family to calm his nerves. Swipe down the page and read more about him.

Langue de Chat Cookie graduated from the Judicial Training Academy. He was very young when he graduated. In addition, rumors also circle that Langue de Chat Cookie swallowed the entire law book and he can easily recite all the law clauses without putting effort. Some rumors also claim that he has a knack for finding ancient and obscure precedents. But his peers have doubts that Langue de Chat Cookie might have books accumulated which he hid somewhere. But this undefeated lawyer also has a weak point. His soft spot exposes when he gets involved in a legal argument because he starts to crumble under pressure. Take a look below and read more details.

Despite some of his weaknesses and the risk, Langue de Chat Cookie remains undefeated which is very important for him, he waits to get a famous case that will ultimately make him a famous lawyer. To perform a speech bubble attack, click on the speech bubble button. The successful speech bubble attack will increase the verdict gauge slowly. And the opponent fires Speech Bubble Attacks at regular intervals. If you successfully dodge the speech bubble it will improve the verdict gauge and reduce if you fail to dodge.

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