Who Is Evan Gershkovich? American WSJ Wall Street Journal Journalist Reporter Arrested In Russia

Russian officials have made an arrest of a US journalist who has been identified as Evan Gershkovich. Yes, a US-based journalist has been arrested in Russia after he was accused of spying while working for the Wall Street Journal. According to the sources, an experienced Russian reporter was working in the city of Yekaterinburg at the time of his detention. Now, The White House has condemned his detention “in the strongest terms”. It was claimed by Kremlin that he had been caught “red-handed” but the Wall Street Journal vehemently denied all the allegations against him.

Evan Gershkovich

Who Is Evan Gershkovich?

Let us tell you that 31-year-old Mr. Even Gershkovich is well-known among foreign correspondents in Moscow and BBC Russia Editor Steve Rosenberg describes him as an excellent reporter and a highly principled journalist. In line with the Wall Street Journal, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken expressed his “great concern” over the detention. US officials claimed they contacted Mr. Gershkovich right away but received no answer. The WSJ said its report had dropped out of contact with his editors while working in Yekaterinburg, about 1,600km (1,000 miles) east of Moscow, on Wednesday afternoon. Keep reading to know more details about this.

Evan Gershkovich

WSJ Reporter Arrested

A New York journalist Joshua Yaffa who is also Evan’s friend tweeted,” Evan was not unaware or naive about the risks. He is a brave, committed, professional journalist who traveled to Russia to report on stories of import and interest”.

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Evan Gershkovich

Wall Street Journal Reporter Arrested

Some officials from the US said Mr Gershkovich’s driver had dropped him off at the restaurant and two hours later his phone had been turned off. Later, the newspaper said they hired a lawyer to try to find him out at the FSB headquarters in the city, but they told the lawyers that they don’t have any information.

American Journalist Arrested In Russia

The security service of Russia, the FSB, announced that it has stopped “illegal activity.” It continued by saying that the reporter had been detained “acting on US directions” and that he had “gathered information deemed to be a state secret about the operations of a Russian defense organization.” Along with this, it said that the investigation department had launched a criminal espionage case and one source told Russian media it was classed as “top secret”. Agents of FSB took him to Lefortovo district court in Moscow on Friday, where he was arrested formally and ordered to remain in custody until 29 May.

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