Bike Taxi Drivers Write To Delhi LG For More Time

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Bike Taxi Drivers Write To Delhi LG

The newly announced “Motor Vehicle Aggregator and Delivery Service Provider Scheme 2023,” which is scheduled to go into effect next week, has been the subject of a letter from the Apna Bike Taxi Association, which claims to represent 1,000 bike taxi drivers in Delhi. The letter was submitted to Lieutenant Governor Vijay Saxena. The group is requesting further time from the LG to put the two-wheeler driving policy into effect. Under the new policy, a two-wheeler taxi aggregator is allowed to operate in the city as long as it solely uses electric vehicles.

As long as all vehicles added to the fleet after the scheme’s launch date are electric vehicles exclusively, the Aggregator may run bike taxi (also known as two-wheeler taxi) services. The policy states that under such circumstances, the driver of a two-wheeler taxi will have to comply with the requirements set forth for drivers of passenger service vehicles in the Central Motor Vehicles Act (CMVA), Central Motor Vehicles Rules (CMVR), and Delhi Motor Vehicles Rules (DMVR). Over 50,000 bike riders in the city will be impacted by the change, according to Arendar Singh, head of the Apna Bike Taxi Association, who spoke with Entrackr. He also mentioned that they are asking for an extension of time up to two years to put the policy into effect, that is, to begin employing electric cars.

Singh also mentioned that the city lacks a strong infrastructure for EVs with two wheels. In addition, he claimed that two-wheeler EVs are costly and of poor quality. The aforementioned plan mandates that all risk bike taxi drivers switch to electric bikes overnight, but it makes no recommendations about how this switch would be funded or assisted. Entrackr has studied the letter from the association, which stated that “this is completely impractical and invariably impacts over fifty thousand bike taxi drivers in the city and puts the livelihoods of their families at risk.”

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