Who Is Cristina Seymandi? Avvocato Video and Foto, here is the accusation

The focus of this article is Cristina Seymandi’s age and related Wikipedia information. Seymandi is the famous accountant’s daughter, born in Turin. She presently holds several responsibilities at several companies, and she has previously collaborated with Chiara Appendino and Paolo Damilano. Son of a well-known accountant, Seymandi is a citizen of the Piedmontese city. Politics and entrepreneurship were two passions he had long pursued concurrently. Seymandi chose to leave Appendino’s crew and join Paolo Damilano’s political team. Keep reading to learn more about age and Wikipedia information on Cristina Seymandi.

Cristina Seymandi

Who Is Cristina Seymandi? Avvocato Video and Foto

People are interested in learning more about Christina Seymandi on Wikipedia, but our research indicates that she has not yet been listed there. Our analysis indicates that, as of 2023, her eta (Age) will be 48. Seymandi, 47, collaborated with Mayor Appendino before them as well as center-right mayoral candidate Paolo Damilano. She is the offspring of a well-known Turin accountant who has long combined his two passions for business and politics. The CEO of Savio Spa, a company that sells products for aluminum windows, is Seymandi. Additionally, he ran for council in Damilano’s center-right, but only 318 people preferred him.

You are also the director of Directa Sim and the general secretary of the Molinette Onlus Research Foundation, whose president is Segre. Early on, she fell in love with politics and entrepreneurship. During Appendino’s administration, her “rivals” accused her of studying “as a mayor”. On her social media platform and other online sources, we can find a lot of her videos and photos. Due to Cristina Seymandi’s treachery of a well-known local attorney, their marriage to financier Segre is annulled. The shocking news was delivered in front of family and friends.

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Because of their love for another man, a renowned lawyer, Massimo Segre, a well-known figure in Turin’s financial community, and Cristina Seymandi, a former colleague of Chiara Appendino, ended their relationship.150 guests were gathered under the stage and on the grass in front of the Mole Antonelliana for the party, and the host first showed everyone the document with the wedding date October before startling everyone and calling off the ceremony. Massimo Segre spoke in front of the couple’s friends and family assembled in the Turin villa, explaining the thinking behind their unexpected decision. The specifics of the financier’s speech go on to demonstrate that the woman had already betrayed him prior to their relationship with a well-known industrialist. He warned us not to think that he delighted in humiliating himself in front of everyone.

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