What Happened To Kyedae? illness and health update

Kyedae is in the headlines for her health updates. What happened to her? Has she gone bald? You will get complete details about Kyedae’s health in this article. Keep reading for more information.


What Happened To Kyedae’s Health?

Kyedae is a famous Valorant Twitch streamer. She was diagnosed with cancer last month. Her fans are disheartened after her health update. Kyedae has mentioned her going bald. She has gone bald and mentioned her disease. She has publicly mentioned her going bald due to a cancer diagnosis on Twitter. Kyedae has gone bald as she was facing hair loss which is a side effect of Chemotherapy. She mentioned that she has gone bald as she will start facing hair loss after 2 to 4 weeks. It will be better if she will shave off earlier to not get sad after seeing her hair loss. She mentioned that she would lose 40% of her hair after that.

She goes bald one month after she mentions cancer on her stream. Daphne and Kyedae share a picture after going bald. Daphne mentioned earlier also that after Kyedae will start losing her hair Daphne will also go bald with her. Dalpne is loyal to her words. She has been supported by her fans a lot. Everyone is supporting her. She has been added to several cancer groups. Everyone is hopeful that she will be fine soon. People are giving her support. The acute one takes six to twelve months of time to get well. It may take longer too.

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Cancer is becoming a common but dangerous disease. People are concerned about her but are hopeful too. She will become fit and fine soon. Let us conclude the above. The news about her going bald has been going viral on Twitter. She has been courageous and strong during this tough time. She has not lost hope. We pray for her to recover as soon as possible.


Kyedae is in the headlines. People want to know more about her health. She mentioned that she has been diagnosed with cancer so she went bald to avoid watching her hair loss. She asked the public about her decision. Whether she should go bald or not. Chemotherapy often leads to hair loss. A person loses 40% of hair after 2 to 4 weeks of treatment. She is taking treatment. Many she gets recovered soon. This was all about Kyedae’s Twitter updates about her baldness. Stay tuned for more details.

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