What did Bittu Bajrangi do? Arrested in connection with Nuh violence

The headlines are coming from Faridabad where police have arrested cow vigilante Bittu Bajrangi. Reportedly, Nuh Police arrested Bittu Bajrangi for allegedly carrying illegal weapons and getting involved in an altercation when the officers tried to snatch the illegal weapons away. As a result, Bittu Bajrangi got arrested and charged. His arrest also revealed that his supporters were allegedly carrying illegal weapons during the Hindu Jalabhishek Yatra. The cow vigilante from Faridabad has been arrested by Nuh Police. However, it was not the first time that police arrested Bittu Bajrangi. Faridabad police earlier apprehended Bittu Bajrangi for sharing videos allegedly instigating clashes in Nuh. You are asked to stick with this page and unfold more details about Bittu Bajrangi and his arrest history. Swipe down the page.

Bittu Bajrangi

Why was Bittu Bajrangi get arrested?

As mentioned, Faridabad police arrested him earlier for sharing Nug clashes videos on social media, he had a history of arrest before Nuh Police arrested him for carrying illegal weapons. According to the documents obtained from Nuh Police, Bittu Bajrangi was carrying illegal weapons during the Hindu Jalabhishek Yatra. Nevertheless, he also clashed with police officers when officers tried to snatch away weapons from him. Swipe down the page and read more details.

The timeline of the allegations against Bittu Bajrangi

ASP Usha Kundu filed the FIR against Bittu Bajrangi. The First Investigation Report states Bittu Bajrangi was identified through posts shared on social media and some of his companions were carrying swords and trishuls when Usha Kundu and her team stopped them. ASP said, “We saw a mob of around 20 people carrying swords and trishuls marching to Nalhar temple. I was on law and order duty and stopped them. I ordered cops to snatch and seize their weapons and they started raising slogans against police.”

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In her complaint, ASP Kundu stated, “Bittu Bajrangi and his supporters manhandled the team. As we tried to leave with their weapons in our vehicles they went ahead lying in front of vehicles. Another police team came to intervene but they opened the rear gates of our official vehicle and fled with weapons. I was busy with post-clash law and order resumption so the complaint was delayed.” Bittu and his unnamed supporters who were involved in the clash with police were arrested under Sections  148, 149, 353, 332, 186, 397, 395, and 506 of IPC, and Section 25 of the Arms Act. Currently, Bittu is being interrogated by the police but his location has been kept secret due to the fear of mass attack on him.

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