Fact check: Is Ruby Franke Mormon? Religion explored

In the latest news, it was reported that religion was explored as a concerning issue when cult teachings surfaced online in a strange way. You are required to read the article for more details and information about the same. Follow us around for all the insights and fresh updates.

Ruby Franke Arrested

Is Ruby Franke Mormon?

Recently, the former family YouTube vlogger, Ruby Franke was arrested on August 30 after being suspected of committing aggravated child abuse and having been a member of the Mormon Church or the LDS Church, which is formerly known as the Church of Jesus Christ. Reportedly, the Franke family had been among the family vloggers on YouTube who were also members of the LDS Church. However, Ruby started her channel named 8 Passengers in 2015 and documented her daily life with her husband and six kids. Furthermore, before closing the channel earlier in 2023, she co-created another channel, named, ConneXions, with Jodi Hilderbrandt, who is a therapist by profession. Her second channel included podcasts and videos related to support groups of moms by discussing parenting principles, creating classes, and eventually opening homeschooling.

Ruby Franke Parents

However, in the midst of Ruby and Jodi’s arrest, many concerning factors about their content on new channels have surfaced. However, the disturbing events shown or discussed in Ruby Franke’s 8 Passengers are also being spread online as viewers are left amassed at parenting methods. Moreover, the audiences started labeling the couple as a cult after they began expressing homophobia, transphobia, and ableism in their videos. In November 2022, a Reddit user shared a post asking if Ruby Franke was still a Mormon by religion and comparing her YouTube channel with The LeRoys, another family who were also Mormons. The user wrote that while both these families are members of the Church. The user added and said that family appeared to be more old-fashioned and extreme.

Ruby Franke Parents

The user continued and wrote in order to point out the difference between the LeRoy family and the Franke family. They said that the former talked about their mental health struggles and other issues and that they did not put restrictions on letting their kids have mobiles or go out and have fun. The mother of the Leroy family was also described as sharing a very deep and friendly relationship with her children, and the kids were also well-behaved. Some other users commented and agreed that the Franke family followed more rigid stances and were stricter with their children in terms of parenting.

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