Voorschoten Trein Ongeluk: All You Need To Know About Incident

One more accident news has been reported which again made everyone worried. This time a passenger train has become the prey of accidents and all over the world are looking to know how many people have been affected by the incident. The reports are pointing out that the incident occurred near Voorschoten between The Hague and Leiden. Now there are many photos and videos related to the incident are circulating on the web and pulling the attention of everyone. According to the reports, the 1st report of the train accident came in last night at around 03:28 AM, on Tuesday, 4th April 2023.

Voorschoten Trein Ongeluk

Voorschoten Trein Ongeluk

The reports further added that the freight train and the passenger train both crashed with the construction crane. People are wondering and looking to know how it happened. The reports made it clear that the construction crane was used for work on the railway near Voorschoten. The maintenance work has happened on 2 of the 4 tracks there last night. Due to the construction work, the trains were running only on 2 tracks that were not being worked on. It is yet not known how the construction crane could have been colliding.

Voorschoten Trein Ongeluk

The investigation team is working on it and trying to find all the details of it. Now many people want to know how many people get injured in this incident. The reports state that 1 person lost his life in this lethal collision and around 19 people get wounded and instantly admitted to the nearby hospitals for treatment. The victim who lost his life was working on the track. However, the details of the deceased are not yet. ProRail asserted to the media outlets that, the victim was the driver of the construction crane.

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Voorschoten Trein Ongeluk

People are now sending their condolences to the family of the victim who is currently devasted by the unexpected passing of him. The reports state that some of the victims are badly wounded in the accident. However, at this moment we are not aware whether they are in life-threatening condition or not. The details of the injured people are also not out. Apart from it, the driver of the passenger train also get badly injured in this lethal collision and he is suffering from broken bones. The spokesman for the firm states that the driver of the DB Cargo freight tram has been medically examined and was found in fine condition.

For some days, no trains will be run. The lethal crash caused the front part of the train in a very bad condition. People are searching for photos of the incident which are available on several social media platforms. As of now, we just have only this many details but we will soon appear with more information. Till then be connected with us.

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