Is Kody Brown Arrested? Gwendlyn Brown claims father ‘nearly arrested’ in Utah

Recently some shocking things have been revealed by the daughter of Kody Brown. The revelation is mostly related to Kody Brown. Gwendlyn Brown was the daughter of Kody Brown and Christine Brown. When she revealed this matter public seems to get interested in it instantly in this. And without wasting any time they started to search more regarding this matter. She is now 21 years old and the revelation she did was about quite old, she just decided to share it with her followers this time. To know more about what revelation she did and for many more things keep scrolling.

Kody Brown

Is Kody Brown Arrested?

Gwendlyn Brown said that her father nearly was arrested when they lived in Utah in an episode of her YouTube channel where she watches the Sister Wives episode with her family. The charge of leading a polygamous lifestyle in a state where polygamy is prohibited would have led to the arrest. The TLC program omitted the sequence in which Kody was on the verge of being arrested. When she was a child, Gwen recalled, “Police were actually knocking on our door and saying, ‘You have to leave. She also mentions that at that time police officer also mentions that they are going to take her father to prison.

Kody Brown

In last, the Brown family moved to Las Vegas in 2011, and after there they move again, this time to Flagstaff, Arizona in around 2018. After this, in the same video, she also answered some questions from her fans. And in some answers, she also confirmed that at her wedding with Beatriz Robyn Brown, Kody and their kids are invited. And she also said that she really missed her siblings and she hope they all came to her wedding.

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Kody Brown

Some other fans also asked a question asking who gonna walk her down the aisle. Some thoughts are that it will be sweet if her brothers do it or if she wants to do it by herself. Answering this question she said that it will be very sweet if her brother do it. She will definitely be going to consider this thought. Gwen and her beloved fiancee Beatriz are all set to get married in July 2023. It’s been said that Kody is not much happy about the fact that his daughter Truly has a close relationship with Christine’s fiance David Woolley. The photos of his daughter with David are really irking for him, mostly after his ex-wife went public about her relationship in February.

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