Fact check: Does Tom Emmett Fremantle have cancer?

Fans have been left keen to know Tom Emmett’s journey to overcome his illness and become available for AFL. When Tom Emmett scored two goals on Sunday against Port Adelaide, he became emotional while expressing his gratitude to his friends who stood by his side and collected money for his treatment. Tom Emmett opened up during the post-game interview that he was diagnosed with cancer. That interview with Tom Emmett was quite emotional for every AFL fan as his journey was not easy because he had to over major hurdles to make it to the AFL level. If you are eager to know about Tom Emmett’s cancer, the following sections are for you. Keep reading this article and learn more details about him. Swipe down the page.

Tom Emmett Fremantle Cancer

Does Tom Emmett Fremantle have cancer?

Now, Tom Emmett is 21 but he was only 16 when he was diagnosed with cancer. But his four friends who traveled over from South Australia to watch him play against Port Adelaide during the Sunday clash, helped him a lot. They were standing by his side and raising money for his cancer treatment. The doctors told Tom Emmett that he might not run again in life as he sustained a severe injury to his Achilles at the age of 18, however, he had overcome cancer at that time. However, repeated medical events in his life caused him to battle hard to make it to the AFL level. Swipe down the page and read more details.

Tom Emmett Fremantle Cancer

He beat cancer after a few months of getting diagnosed but later he sustained a severe Achilles injury that could also stop him from running forever. When he scored his first career goal he briefly reacted to how far he had come. In the Final Siren Podcast episode with Duck and OZ, Tom Emmett said, “It’s unbelievable, I can’t describe it. As a kid growing up, I’ve always imagined kicking my first goal and how that would feel.”

Tom Emmett Fremantle Cancer

Emmett further explained When I was walking back for the set shot I was actually thinking about what an opportunity I’ve got here and to actually kick it was awesome. The AFL player tried hard not to get too overwhelmed in the first taste of the AFL. Emmett also said his strengths are physicality and pressure similar to Lachie Schultz because he watched his vision a lot and they also got similar brands as well. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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