Why did Senthil Balaji Brother Ashok Kumar arrested by ED? Money laundering cases

There is a new buzz on the internet now. This article is about the arrest of Tamil Nadu minister V Senthil Balaji’s brother Ashok. This arrest news has created a big controversy. This arrest news is on the top headline of most of the news channels today. This topic is the most discussed topic on the Indian news channel today. This arrest news is trending on Twitter today. People are really shocked today after listening to this news. People on Twitter have raised many questions regarding this topic. This topic has been heavily discussed in the last 24 hours. People want to know why this arrest has occurred. What are the charges against Ashok? Read this article entirely to know everything about this case.

Senthil Balaji Brother Ashok Kumar arrested

Why did Senthil Balaji Brother Ashok Kumar arrested by ED?

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) arrested Tamil Nadu Minister V Senthil Balaji’s brother R V Ashok Kumar. This arrest happened on 13th August 2023, Sunday. This arrest occurred after filing a chargesheet against the former in a money laundering case. This money laundering case is connected to the “cash for jobs scam”. Till now the ED has not given any statement regarding this case. they have neither confirmed nor denied this arrest of the DMK minister’s brother who is also arrested in this case. He was also connected to this scam. reports suggest that he is under custody right now but nothing is confirmed yet.

According to the source, The public announcement of Ashok Kumar’s arrest has not been released by the ED till now so because of that they have not given any statement yet. And it is also suggested that he has been secured right now. Sources have said that the Chennai-based investigation officer has joined this case and he may arrest him after some summons that the latter refuses to accept. Continue reading this article now.

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The Enforcement Directorate (ED) Kochi team might serve Ashok Kumar summons on behalf of the investigation officer but they are not allowed to arrest him. The team in Chennai is currently in Kochi. Before the five days of custodial interrogation, the ED produced Balaji on Saturday. The minister is going to remain in custody till 25th August 2023. The second accused person in this case is been evading ED summons since the arrest of a sibling which happened in June. ED started investigating because of the three FIR and chargesheet filed by the Central Crime Branch. This case is mainly focused on the job-based scam. More information will be discussed very soon.

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