Titusville Bank Robbery: Chase Bank Robbery Today, Who is the suspect?

The hilarious and shocking news is here. A man on a run after he robbed the Titusville bank. He has been caught in the surveillance footage after he stole cash from a bank employee. The video of the running man is viral on the internet. People are very shocked fate watching the video and some are laughing. Police are currently trying to fetch the robber. This is a very hilarious case. This is not the first time that a bank has been robbed. The investigation of this case is going on and the questions have been asked from the bank employees.

Titusville Bank Robbery

Titusville Bank Robbery

The Titusville Police Department is currently looking at the robbery man. The man robbed the Chase Bank branch on 21st July 2023, Friday. The details of the robbery man are not revealed because he has not been arrested yet. According to the police, the robber asked for cash from one employee in the bank. The bank is located at 2700 S. Washington Ave. This robbery happened at around 1:00 pm.

Chase Bank Robbery Today

Till now it is not confirmed whether the robber was carrying any weapon or not. When police officers arrived at the location till then the robber ran away from the location and ran with all the cash which he had stolen. It is also not clear how much cash he stole. Now look at the next stanza of this article to know more about this hilarious case.

Some of the evidence described him as a man whose height is approx 5 feet 7 inches and he was in his thirties. The CCTV footage has been released and it clearly shows a man wearing glasses, a gray two-color long sleeves shirt, and a black Adidas baseball cap. The police have urged people and asked them for help. They have said that anyone who has seen the robber which has been clearly seen in the surveillance video, inform the Titusville Police Department as soon as possible at 321-264-7800.

We wish that the police caught the robber as soon as possible because this is a very serious scene. This is very wrong. By face, he is looking very innocent but he is not innocent at all. And it looks like he was carrying a weapon because without a weapon it is really impossible to rob a bank which is heavily secured with a  lot of bodyguards and arms. So keep following pkb news for more updates.

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