Powerball Jackpot Lottery Winner: Woman Claims To Be $1 Billion Powerball Winner

In this article, we will tell you who is the winner of the Powerball Jackpot Lottery. A woman claimed to be the owner of a $1 billion winning ticket. Yes, a woman has come to the fore and claimed that her ticket matches all 6 winning numbers. Notably, the prize money for Powerball Jackpot Lottery had risen to around $1 billion after no winner emerged after Monday night’s draw and made it the seventh-largest lottery in the history of the US. This is why all eyes were on the winning ticket of the Powerball Jackpot Lottery. Now a woman has claimed to be the winner of the Powerball Jackpot Lottery. Will the winner of the Powerball Jackpot Lottery get a whopping prize money of $1 billion? There is a cliche in this fact. Let’s discuss this and know who is the winner of the jackpot. Continue reading this article and learn more details.


Powerball Jackpot Lottery Winner

The final payout that will be rewarded to the winner will be significantly smaller as a hefty amount will be cut due to taxes. The amount the winner gets to take home will also depend on their state of residence, as some states like New York tax lottery winnings at 10.9%, while others like Florida, California, and Texas don’t tax them at all. Swipe down the page and know about the winning ticket.

Wednesday night’s Powerball winning ticket of $1 billion was sold at a store located in Los Angeles, the owner has not claimed that prize money yet. It is said that this amount is the largest lottery amount in the game’s history while the seventh-largest in the US. Reportedly, the winning numbers of the Powerball Lottery were 7, 13, 10, 24, and 11 and the Powerball was 24. Now the owner of the winning ticket has the choice between an annuitized prize paid out in installments over 29 years of $1 billion or an approx payment of $558 million, both are mentioned before the tax deductions. Swipe down the page and read more details.

Talking about the winner of the Powerball Jackpot lottery, a mother who owns a store reportedly claimed to be the owner of the winning ticket. Angelica Menjivar is the name of the woman who claimed to be the owner of the ticket. She told the media they were happy about the bonus but did not have plans yet on how to spend it. Nabor Herrera who works at the store got to know that his store sold the winning ticket, his car flanked by reporters when he came to work on Thursday morning.

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