Malique Features His Daughter Inca Medina In Acoustic Music Video

The daughter of the famous artist Malique, Inca Medina is currently trending on the internet. Her name is currently making rounds on the world wide web. She is trending because recently her father Malique gave a huge surprise, he is giving surprise after surprise. Recently, he released a song named Sedih Hati which was a combination of the late Mona Fandey’s singing voice and this song also features his daughter Inca. She is in the acoustic version of the song’s music video. Shocking right? yes, this is true but more than everyone the fans of Malique are in a big shock after seeing this. Fans are really happy to see his daughter and they are celebrating this song now. Check out this article entirely to know everything.

Inilah Inca Medina

Malique Features His Daughter Inca Medina

Finally, Malique has launched his daughter. His daughter’s name is Inca Medina, she is very young right now. Her exact age has not been disclosed yet. Many personal details about Inca have not been disclosed yet because Malique has not shared many details about his family ever. He doesn’t love to share much about his family in public. he loves to keep them away from the public eye but now finally he has brought his daughter into the public eye through his latest music video.

Inilah Inca Medina

The public has their eyes on Inca Median right now. She has grabbed everyone’s attention right now. Now people are very interested to know about her but unfortunately, there is not much information about her personal life and if we talk about her professional life so she has just started working as she just debuted in the entertainment industry. She has made her debut as her father Malique has launched her in his latest song named Sedih Hati. Inca is in the acoustic version of this song’s music video. keep reading this article till the end.

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Malique Features His Daughter Inca Medina

According to the experts, in the music video, there are various musicians who are playing their instruments and when they were accomplished by Inca. Inca is playing violin in the latest music video by his father Malique. This has raised the excitement of the fans of Malique as they are really happy to see the daughter of their favorite musician. Her name was only mentioned in the song Senyum and it was sung by NJWA. Some people are very happy regarding the debut of the Inca and some people are very angry. People are giving mixed reviews.

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