The Idol Premiere Ratings: HBO’s ‘The Idol’ Ratings Debut Behind ‘Euphoria’

With the start of this month, many new films and series have been launched and even the audience has shown great interest in them. However, some of them did not perform well on the screen but managed to get fine ratings such as The Idol. It is the new controversial poorly-reviewed series of HBO that has its 1st ratings numbers in and they are…fine. Not good, not bad, but many watchers wonder what kind of drop-off we will see for the 2nd episode, given how poorly 1st episode went. This drama drew 913,000 watchers for the launch, which is 17% lower as compared to the release of 1st season Euphoria.

The Idol Premiere Ratings

The Idol Premiere Ratings

It is quite shocking that the creator of “The Idol” is also the creator of “Euphoria” and shockingly one series is poorly reviewed and one is good. Sam Levinson has created both series and fans are shocked by his work in both series. Though it is not a ratings disaster. Those numbers are close to even with the 1st season of The White Lotus which had around 944,000 viewers. Though, The White Lotus had wonderful word of mouth. Due to the stunning storyline, the viewership wants to watch every single episode of the 1st season of The White Lotus.

The Idol Premiere Ratings

This series did not draw a huge audience for HBO Sunday. The Idol created controversy with provocative trailers and mostly met with negative reviews. It drew 913,000 watchers across HBO and Max on Sunday, 4th June 2023 with the majority of that coming through streaming on Max. The on-air debut on HBO drew 232,000 individuals. The 913,000 watchers is a sizable step down from the 1st-night numbers for the final season of the series “Succession” which instantly preceded “The Idol” on HBO’s 09:00 PM.

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The Idol Premiere Ratings

For context, “Euphoria” drew 1.1 million viewers when it launched in 2019. The second HBO outing of Levinson is hence 17% behind his first. The trajectory of the 1st season of Euphoria was mostly flat, peaking with 1.2 million watchers of the finale, meaning that “The Idol” could still manage to conquer the early performance of Euphoria if its watchers continue to watch it. However, only 1 month is left in order to get it, as the drama of the 1st season will run for the short 5 episodes. Fans are quite sad with the storyline of “The Idol” as they had high expectations from it. As of now, we have this many details but we will share more details as soon as we get them. Till then keep on visiting our website.

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