Why did Dr DisRespect banned from YouTube? Reason explored

There are many commoners who raised their fan following with the help of their content and are now known as content creators and social media influencers. Surprisingly the fan following of some content creators is quite high than some celebrities and that is why anything new related to them comes online it instantly pulls the attention of the people. However, some of the content creators remain news for negative reasons and get a lot of limelight. This time as well, a famous Youtuber is in the news after he gets banned from Youtube. His fans and followers are quite shocked after learning this news and they want to know the reason for his banning from the video-uploading platform.

Dr. DisRespect

Why did Dr. DisRespect ban from YouTube?

Herschel “Dr. DisRespect” Beahm is one of the leading Call of Duty streamers on Youtube who is now in big trouble. He was unexpectedly banned from Youtube on Monday, 5th June 2023, leaving several admirers wondering what exactly he had done and why Youtube take such a step against him. This Youtuber mostly remains in the news for several reasons but most of them are controversial ones. Recently, the Doc broke character after losing money to an admirer at the time of the PGA Tour 2K23 stream. The drama does not conclude here as he recently got banned from Youtuber.

Dr. DisRespect

However, it is not the first time that he got banned from Youtube, even before that his account got banned. This creator first created his account on Streamer but later on, shifted to Youtube, however, he take this decision after getting permanently banned from Twitch. Though the reason behind his banned is still not known our sources are looking to know it. The reason for his recent ban on Youtube is also not known but as the reports of some news websites, The Doc had tuned into the WDCC event of Apple but in the streaming the event, he accidentally streamed copyrighted content.

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Dr. DisRespect

The stream of Doc soon concluded, as the message “Stream suspended for Policy Violations” comes up on the screens. Fortunately for admirers, the ban did not last long and the stream soon got back up and running. However, The Doc did not try to continue watching the WDCC event in front of his followers. When his account got banned, his fans get shocked and start looking to know the reason for it. In this reply, he states that “What? I guess we can not watch the Apple event, or what? Is that the problem? I just only want to watch this headset. Give my account and you can not stop me.”

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