PHOTOS: Mizz Nina Nikah to US-based rapper Essam Muhammad

After keeping her personal life away from the public eye for quite some time, Malaysian fashion designer Mizz Nina has finally revealed that she has tied the knot with a new husband, US rapper Essam Muhammad. The announcement was made on her official Instagram account yesterday, with the singer sharing a series of photos from her intimate outdoor wedding that took place on Thursday, 15th June. The photos show the joyful couple beaming with love and happiness as they celebrate their union.

Mizz Nina Nikah Photos

Mizz Nina Nikah Photos

Essam Muhammad is a rapper and music producer who has worked with various artists in the music industry and is known for his unique blend of hip-hop, emo, and metal music. He has also made appearances in popular TV shows, and concerts. Mizz Nina, whose real name is Shazrina Binti Azman. She is a Fashion designer, motivational speaker, television personality, and humanitarian She has won multiple awards for her passion and skills.

Mizz Nina Nikah Photos

In the caption, Mizz Nina expressed her gratitude towards her husband, stating that he has brought so much joy and light into her life. She also shared how much she has grown and learned from him since they met. The announcement of Mizz Nina’s marriage comes as a surprise to many fans. The news has been met with an outpouring of love and congratulations from fans and fellow celebrities alike, with many expressing their happiness for the newlyweds. Mizz Nina has also received support from her colleagues in the fashion industry.

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Mizz Nina Nikah Photos

Now, with her marriage to Essam Muhammad, Mizz Nina seems to have found a new sense of happiness and purpose in her life. She has not revealed any plans to return to the fashion design industry, but her fans are hoping that she will continue to share her talents and creativity in some way or another. As for Essam Muhammad, his growing fan base and unique style suggest that he has a bright future ahead in the music industry. With his marriage to Mizz Nina, he has gained a new level of visibility and recognition, and could potentially reach an even wider audience.

Mizz Nina Nikah Photos

The news of Mizz Nina’s marriage to Essam Muhammad is a heartwarming reminder of the power of love to bring people together, regardless of their backgrounds or differences. We wish the couple all the best for their future together and hope to see more of their love story unfold in the coming years.

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