Survivor 44 cast revealed: Who’s in the new season?

Ever since this year has been started, the audience is only looking for new reality shows. It is a good pass time as well as an engaging one. There are many reality shows that are telecast but the audience only wants to see their favorite one such as “Survivor”. This show has completed 43 seasons so far which means the new season of the show will be the 44th and the audience is already happy with the announcement of the show. Now, these fans are quite desperate to know the 18 contestants of the show who will be vying for $1 million. Apart from it, we will also share when you will be able to watch it. As always 18 contestants are ready to start the race for the trophy and they will be seen in the battle of the show.

Survivor 44 cast

Survivor 44 cast revealed

But before sharing the details of the cast of it we are ready to announce when the show will appear. According to the reports, the audience will be able to watch the show from Wednesday, 1st March 2023 only on CBS. The shooting of the show has been done in Fiji which was started instantly after the end of the 43rd season. The host of the show is Jeff Probst. The official announcement of the 18 cast members has already been disclosed by CBS in the month of January 2023. The contestants will begin the game in 3 different tribes of 6 individuals each. The duration of each episode is 2 hours. Now it is time to know the 18 contestants of this season.

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Name of the ContestantAgeAge
Carolyn WigerDrug Counselor35 years old
Yamil “Yam Yam” ArochoSalon36 years old
Lauren HarpeTeacher31-year-old
Danny MassaNYC Firefighter32 years old
Heidi Lagares- Greenblatt Engineering Manager43 years old
Carson GarrettNASA Engineering Student20 years old
Maddy PomillaCharity Projects Manager28 years old
Bruce PerreaultInsurance Agent46 years old
Sarah WadeManagement Consultant27 years old
Matthew Grinstead- MayleBarbershop Owner43 years old
Helen LiProduct Manager29 years old
Josh WilderSurgical Podiatrist34 years old
Jaime Lynn RuizYogi35 years old
Kane FritzlerLaw Student25 years old
Frannie MarinResearch Coordinator23 years old
Brandon CottomSecurity Specialist30 years old

Carolyn Wiger


Carolyn Wiger is the 1st contestant who hails from North St. Paul, Minn but she is currently residing in Hugo, Minn. She is 35 years old and by profession, she is a Drug Counselor. She described herself in 3 words and that are: Open, Passionate, and a little bit loud. Through this show, she wants to share her story and human interactions as well. In her free time, she loves to do gardening, rescuing bunnies, and ice skating.

Yamil “Yam Yam” Arocho


Yamil “Yam Yam” Arocho is 36 years old and a citizen of Bayamon located in Puerto Rico but currently he is residing in San Juan, Puerto Rico where he is handling his own salon. He is funny, caring, and loud as well. The main motive of him to be in the show is to play the best game in the entire world. He is watching the show since the 1st season and at that time he was 13 years old but finally, he get the chance to be a contestant this season.

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Lauren Harpe


The 31-year-old Lauren Harpe is the 3rd contestant on the show. She is an elementary school teacher and currently living in Mont Belvieu, Texas, though her hometown is in Port Arthur, Texas.

Danny Massa


Heidi Lagares- Greenblatt 


Carson Garrett 


Maddy Pomilla 


Bruce Perreault


Sarah Wade


Matthew Grinstead- Mayle


Helen Li


Josh Wilder 


Jaime Lynn Ruiz 


Kane Fritzler


Matt Blankinship

Matt Blankinship

Brandon Cottom


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