South Africa Failed State, What SA must do to change its future

Yes, it is very concerning not to realize despondent by the challenges but would South Africa? The time has come that people have started thinking if South Africa is failed or if it is a state failure. Tsakani Maluleke who is the auditor-general, reported his financial and audit report of 257 municipalities in South Africa. In 2022, the auditor-general gave a clean chit to only 38 municipalities the previous number was 41 when the auditor-general showed his financial and audit outcomes report. The recent numbers are 3 less than the previous numbers though it was already too low. You are asked to stick with this page and keep reading this article. Swipe down the page.

South Africa Failed State

South Africa Failed State

According to Tsakani Maluleke, a total of 31 people died from a bacterial disease, cholera, usually spread through contaminated water. Last week the water and sanitation department issued a string of reports on the back of the cholera outbreak on the country’s water quality. The preliminary data shows a decrease in the drinking water quality in South Africa since 2012. A gradual decrease in the water quality can be seen in the reports. Continue reading this article and know more details.

South Africa Failed State

Apart from water quality and contaminated water, the reports also added load shedding issue which is ongoing in the country at this time. An app, “EskomsePush” suggested that people have had 152 days of load shedding this year and which means people have had eight days where they experienced no load shedding in 2023. The other concerning issues in South Africa are fastly growing unemployment, economic failure, and increasing crime rate. The list does not end here it goes on. In addition, people are not surprised that business leaders have raised concerns about whether they are in a failed state or it is a state failure. Scroll down the page and read more details.

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South Africa Failed State

The definitions for crisis, failed and fragile states were addressed by The Crisis States Research Center at the London School of Economics. According to The Crisis States Research Center, a fragile state is one that is significantly susceptible to the crisis in one or more of its subsystems. This definition reflects a poor performance of a government due to which state institutions are on the verge of collapsing and the state either fails to perform core roles or performs them wholly inadequately. A state can reach be declared under crisis conditions under the aforementioned conditions. Stay tuned to this website for more details and further updates.

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