600 LB: Dominic Hernandez Weight Loss and Surgery Journey Explained

Dominic Hernandez was seen in the show 600 LB life. It is an American reality show that takes obese individuals as their participants who must weigh at least 270 kgs. They will work toward reducing their weight and living a healthy lifestyle ahead. You will get complete details about Dominic Hernandez in this article. Keep reading for more details. 

Dominic Hernandez

What Is the Story of Dominic Hernandez? 

Dominic Hernandez participated in the 600 LB Life. He did not have a house to live in. He was living in a van with his brother. His brother was James. They both lived in California. He was highly addicted to overeating. He was ready to find any way to get back on track. He moved to Texas and consulted with Dr. Nowzaradan. He wanted to do anything to put his life back on track. He was working hard but was not able to lose more than 20 pounds.

He was not able to qualify for surgery as he was not able to reduce more. Dr. Now advised him to buy a house so that he can give more focus on his health and financial stability. He continued working on his health as he was serious about living healthily. He ran a GoFundMe page that targets $30000. There has been $9000 raised till now. Let us have more details about his progress in the show. 

Dominic Hernandez In 600 Lb Life: 

Dominic Hernandez is doing well in his life. He participated in season 8 of 600 Lb Life. Dr. Now was the physician in the show. He mentions that Dominic is not gaining the required motivation to move ahead in his life. He is currently residing in Texas. Do sources say that he might get featured in Where Are They Now? It refers to the updated episode where the previous participants show their weight loss results. The news has not been confirmed by Dr. Now or any other officials of the show yet. He has raised a few thousand dollars from his GoFundMe Page, but his required amount target has not been fulfilled. 

You can support him by donating on the GoFundMe page. It is difficult but he keeps going. His brother also appreciates him for his efforts. He is still working toward his goal. He recently shared that he lost 30 pounds in one week. We wish him all the best and may he achieve his goal as soon as possible. We keep bringing such articles to our website. Stay tuned for more details about your favorite personalities. 

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