WATCH: Woman alleges Bangalore Rapido Bike driver masturbated midway

In a shocking turn of events, an incident came to the knowledge that happened in Bengaluru. According to the reports, a woman in Bengaluru accused the Rapido driver of sexually harassing her. However, it is not the first time that a Rapido driver was accused of sexual harassment. A controversy erupted after a woman came to the fore with serious and startling allegations against a Rapido driver. She accused him of engaging in indecent behavior during the ride and subjecting her to sexual harassment. The woman alleged that the Rapido bike taxi driver masturbated mid-ride. This news has taken over the internet and news channels by storm. People have been outraged after listening to this news demanding strict action against the accused. You are asked to stick with this page and read the full story. Unfold more details of this incident in the further sections of this article. Swipe down.

Rapido Bike Bangalore

Woman alleges Bangalore Rapido Bike driver masturbated video

According to the reports, this incident dates to July 21, 2023. On Friday, a woman in Bengaluru booked a bike taxi after demonstrating against Manipur violence at Town Hall. The woman who accused the bike driver said she there was no other service available at that time and auto-rickshaw taxis had canceled on her therefore she went for bike service. The woman reportedly also shared her experience on Twitter. Continue reading this article and learn more information.

The woman alleged that the Rapido driver was using a different bike than the registered bike showing on the app when he arrived for the ride. The taxi driver claimed that his registered bike is in service therefore he is using a different bike. The woman proceeded with the service and started her ride after confirming through the app. The woman said, “En route to the destination, the man reportedly started masturbating while driving the motorcycle with the other hand. During the journey, we reached a remote area with no other vehicles around. Shockingly, the driver began riding with one hand and engaging in inappropriate behavior (Masturbating while riding the bike). Fearing for my safety, I remained silent throughout the ordeal,”

She also stated that she asked the driver to drop her a few meters away from her location to keep her address secret from him. But after completing the ride, the driver allegedly started messaging and calling her. The woman also posted screenshots of the messages sent by the Rapido driver. In the text messages, a text reads “I love you”.

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