Shipping Container Boy Ends Up 4,000 Km Away In Another Country

A 15-year-old boy who was playing with his friends got misplaced in Malaysia during the hide-and-seek game. Get complete details about the incident.

Shipping Container Boy

What Happened To The Boy?

The teenage boy, Fahim, was playing with his friends. The mishap took place at Chittagong Seaport, Bangladesh on 11 January 2023.

While playing hide-and-seek with his friends, he hides inside an open container. He was not aware that he would put himself in trouble.

He locked himself inside the container and was not able to open it. He started crying inside the container. No one was able to hear him. The container got loaded for Malaysia.

The boy was locked inside the container for five to six days. He was not discovered till the boat reached its destination.

He traveled 2500 kilometers and reached Klang Port, Malaysia. The boat started its journey on 11 January 2023 and reached the port on 17 January 2023.

The authorities at Klang Port listened to his cries. The boy was taken out. He was not able to tell the rules about the situation because of the language barrier.

He was having a high fever. The authorities took him for medications. He was confused about being a victim of human trafficking.

Fahim was hospitalized. He was investigated whether he suffered human trafficking or not. The authorities found no sign of human trafficking in his body.

The home minister was informed about the incident. He was given proper treatment. They came to know that Fahim was playing hide-and-seek.

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He was not aware of such a thing. He got locked in the container and was not able to come out. After the whole investigation. The case is closed.

The authorities cleared on 20 January 2023. They said that the boy came here because of a mistake. He was not sent for any other purpose. He was released from the hospital.

He will arrive back in Bangladesh in a few days. The incident was quite terrible for the child. He suffered a lot these days.

His family was tense after the incident. They filed a report about their child being missing. He is fine now. The authorities are making arrangements for him to return back to Bangladesh.

His friends say that while playing hide-and-seek, he ran and hide inside the container. They all were finding him and were not aware of him hiding in the container.

This was all about the incident. We will update you as he reaches back his hometown. Keep reading with us for more such updates.

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