McKinsey Canadian revenue: Ottawa contracts comprise up to 10 per cent

Being a politician one should be very careful while making any claims. The action of any government employee particularly politician each action carefully observed by the citizen which sometimes put them in a problem.

We usually hear cases where government body comes under the fire due to their actions. The fortune and the development of the country are in the hands of the government and that is why each action can leave a big effect. Now, you all must be thinking that why we are saying all these things, the simple reason is that the name of a consulting giant is recently connected with the Prime Minister of the country.

McKinsey Canadian revenue

McKinsey Canadian revenue

If you actively read the newspaper then you surely know about this case. According to the reports, Dominic Barton, the ex-head of a global consulting giant named McKinsey & Co. rejected asserts that his ties to Justin Trudeau (Prime Minister) direct to his company being favored for the contracts of the government of Canada. Barton attests that he never overwatched the contracts of McKinsey with the government of Canada and stated that he had no unprofessional relationship with the Prime Minister. Keep on reading to know more.

Barton stated at the time of the hearing of the Canadian parliamentary committee that “I am not a close personal pal of the prime minister. Our relationship is professional. So all the claims which are stating that we are friends are wrong.” Not only this but when he asked if he would put the prime minister on the list of his fifty best pals, he directly says “no” and stated he has had effectively no social or personal contact with him, so all the claims are wrong. Barton further added that “I think he actually respects me.”

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He states this term while talking about his role in the government. He was appointed as an economic adviser. HFe said that “I do not own his personal contact number and I have not been in an empty or filled room alone with the president.” The reports state that opposition lawmakers have had Barton in their sights due to the contracts of McKinsey from several government departments rising intensely in the past 5 years, however, they have listed the lower overall than those distributed to other main consulting companies that include PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP and Deloitte LLP. Since the Prime Minister took office in the year 2015, Barton has been appointed to the position of the advisory council on economic growth and give his services as ambassador to China from the year 2019 to the year 2021.

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