Rappers missing after canceled Detroit performance

3 Rappers who scheduled their performance are missing for the last 10 days. After their performance was canceled, no one have seen them. What happened to them?

Detroit Rappers Missing

Details About Their Last Performance:

The three rappers Armani Kelly, Dante Wicker, and Montoya Givens are missing. They scheduled a performance at a club in Detroit.

Current Scenario And McGinnis Investigation:

McGinnis is the commander of crimes. He has taken the case in his hands. According to him, their phones are not working since Sunday morning, 22 January 2023.

The mother of one of the three rappers made a police report. The morning when the victim was missing, this mother goes to the police. She was found active in searching them out.

In Warren, Michigan, a car was found on 23 January 2023. As the days progressed, Kelley was on news for missing for a few days.

They both were good friends. They were searching day and night for them. Nobody got any clue where they had gone.

McGinnis asks the public to provide any information they have about them. She shares posters about him being missing. She wants to find him as soon as possible.

Will McGinnis and their beloved family be able to find them? The local fans are very tense. They want

The police have been investigating for the last few days. They are asking locals to help them. It requires many people to find them. Else, they won’t be able to come back again.

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Their parents have shared their posters of them with the villagers. If anyone has seen them recently, they can contact the police and give them the details.

It is often a difficult time for loved ones to go through such a situation. His mother is strong enough and says that she can’t waste years in finding him.

She has to do something as soon as possible. Their families are ready to go up to any possible limits for their loved ones.

The third rapper’s family is yet to say about the incident. There might be a connection between the cancellation of their last performance and they’re being missing.

The investigators are trying to find out the actual reason. There is no confirmation about why the performance was canceled.

The fans of the rappers are in support and want them to return. McGinnis says that they will do everything to find them out. We hope for their safety and security.

We will update you more after the case further proceeds. Stay tuned for more such updates.

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