The Voice Blind Auditions: Ryley Tate Wilson Stuns Coaches with “Dancing On My Own”

There are many music reality shows that are telecasting and people are getting obsesses with these new voices. Some are just started and some are getting concluded and making people wait for the next season. “The Voice” is one such singing reality show which is currently entertaining the audience and giving new melodious voices to the country. However, it is not easy to impress the audience and get the chance to perform in the next round and the contestants have to make at least 2-3 judges turn around with their voices. It is very rare that a contestant wins the hearts of all four judges in one go.

Ryley Tate Wilson The Voice Coach

Ryley Tate Wilson The Voice Coach

But one contestant gets succeeded in it and now he is catching the headlines of the news. Those who have missed the episode are keen to know more about this contestant. Recently, the singing reality show “The Voice” has shared an early audition of the show from the next week, featuring a 15-year-old singer named Ryley Tate Wilson. Those who watched the episode saw that Ryley turned the chairs of all 4 coaches with his magical and stunning rendition of “Dancing On My Own”. This song is originally sung by Robyn.

He really impressed the judges with his voice. Judges Kelly Clarkson was the 1st one to turn around for the audition of Ryley and after that Niall Horan turned his chair. They marveled at the talent of Ryley as he continued to make the audience in love with his voice. Blake Shelton did not take much time in order to join the other coaches in turning around. Lastly, Chance, the Rapper was the final coach who turn around his chair and it makes Ryley a 4-chair turn with zero blocks. After learning that Ryley is just 15-year-old he gets quite shocked and it takes time for them in order to believe it.

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Ryley Tate Wilson The Voice Coach

Ryley gets many wonderful comments and compliments from the side of coaches. Horan informed Ryley that his “head closely burst” listening to his performance. He states that “the best audition we have watched here by the long shot.” He appreciated him and said how nervous he was when he auditioned for the reality show “The X Factor” at the age of 15, and shared how he was impressed by his confidence in Ryley. Now people want to know which team Ryley has joined because he has 4 options. All the coaches went on to give their pitches to Ryley for why he should join their team. Clarkson made a smart pitch and stated that she triumphed in the show with young singers prior and further added that she herself began out as the young singer on this talent show. People discover who Ryley select as his coach when “The Voice Season 23” comes back next Monday night on NBC at 8/7c.

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