Is Mickey Huang Zi Jiao commit suicide? Taiwanese host admits sexual harassment

Mickey Huang Zijiao, a comedian and broadcaster from Taiwan, was admitted to the hospital after openly acknowledging claims of sexual harassment in videos posted on his Facebook page. The 51-year-old was charged with forcing a lady to kiss him when she was just 17 and even coerced her into taking nude images for his art at the time. Over ten years have passed since the tragedy. The woman, Zofia, wrote in a Facebook post on May 19 morning that she sobbed uncontrollably and instantly regretted her actions. Huang said that even though she was sobbing, she still looked lovely. She continued by saying that every time she thought about it, she felt sick. Huang responded by filming several films that day and posting them on Facebook. Since then, the videos have been removed.

Mickey Huang Zi Jiao

Is Mickey Huang Zi Jiao commit suicide?

Huang said that he had been considering how to handle what had occurred up to that point in a video in which he could not be seen. First, Huang expressed his regret for disappointing the victim and his supporters. He claimed that the recent #metoo campaign in Taiwan had given him the willies. He continued by saying that his wife, the 31-year-old actress Summer Meng, was unaware of this aspect of his background and that, ever since he first met Meng ten years ago, he had undergone a positive transformation. He stated that becoming a parent last year has inspired him to work even harder. But he was aware that it was too late to erase or hide what he had done. Huang continued by explaining how he came to have a perverted mindset.

Mickey Huang Zi Jiao

He said, “He has been thinking about how he became like that. He is not trying to defend himself.” Huang revealed that when he was just 10 years old, his mother had an affair with a cabbie. Being a needy child, he followed her everywhere. He was astonished to learn that they once had intercourse in his presence. He said, “He still remembers what happened today.” Later, his parents separated. Huang also said that when he was a child, he discovered pornography in his father’s room. He had a romantic relationship with a few of his male secondary school classmates as he got older, which made him question his sexual orientation.

Mickey Huang Zi Jiao

After making the recordings, Huang allegedly self-harmed and was subsequently taken to the hospital. Chang Hsiao-yen, Huang’s manager and mentor, expressed her sadness. Huang was discovered with several cuts all over his body, but the Taiwanese media stated that he is presently in stable condition. Later, Meng informed the reporters that she is still trying to hold the circumstances. In reaction to Huang’s claim, Wu informed the media that he is very concerned for Huang but also mentioned that he may think about taking legal action to safeguard his interests. Dee Hsu also published a statement to refute Huang’s accusations. The Hsu sisters also said that they maintained the right to sue Huang to safeguard their interests. more information will be revealed soon. So, Stay tuned to pkbnews.

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