The Overlap on Tour: Roy Keane Gary Neville Jamie Carragher parachute out of a plane!

In a recent video, it was reported that Roy Keane recalls getting caught out in a Chicago strip club which hilariously took a toll on social media. You are required to read the article for a getting all valuable insights and fresh updates. Follow us around at PKB News.

Roy Keane Gary Neville Jamie Carragher

Roy Keane Gary Neville Jamie Carragher

Recently, Roy Keane emerged as the star of the show as he went on an arena tour with his Sky Sports colleagues Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher. Reportedly, his latest tale has captured plenty of headlines. The Premier League legends filmed their tour as a part of The Overlap series, with former Ireland skipper Keane’s recount of a night out in Chicago with his Manchester United team-mate going viral on social media. Keane further recalled and stated that they had a good night out in pre-season with Man United in Chicago one night that was pretty crazy and hilarious. He further said that they took a couple of young players, which was pre-season and they were definitely in Chicago and he valuably remember that night.

He continued and said that they woke up the next morning while his friend, Denis was waking him up and they were trying to get down for the bus where they were traveling. He remembered how he looked at his face which was all black and could not able to make out what all happened and was in total shock after seeing himself as all-black. He tried getting his gear on to get on the bus but everything was coming back to him. While he was sitting at the back of the bus, he recalled that journey as they were traveling towards the airport. He hilariously recalled the time when the press officer sends him a story about some men in United players being in a strip club, in Chicago.

He continued and said not to worry, they have evidence against them and told his friends that he was the captain of the team and everyone can now take a rest. But after 5 minutes, the phone rang and now those people had proof and at that moment Keane freaked out and he knew that they must have got their fingerprints which were obviously true. They also had their credit cards and passport details. The investigation was held deeply and they noticed there were headlines in some Irish newspapers that went something like ‘Desperate Devil’.

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