Elizabeth Tsurkov Family and Parents: Israeli-Russian Researcher Ethnicity and Religion

The family of Israeli-Russian researcher Elizabeth Tsurkov is concerned because she was taken hostage in Baghdad in March 2023. Learn more about her private life now. An Israeli-Palestinian think group called the Forum for Regional Thinking employs Russian-Israeli researcher Elizabeth Tsurkov. She is also a doctoral candidate at Princeton University’s Department of Politics. Tsurkov has additionally performed consulting work for the Atlantic Council and International Crisis Group. In addition, she is currently trending online after being abducted in March 2023. According to reports, she was abducted in Baghdad and is currently being detained by the Iranian-backed Iraqi militia Kata’ib Hezbollah. She allegedly travelled to Iraq to conduct research for Princeton University.

Elizabeth Tsurkov

Elizabeth Tsurkov Family and Parents

Given that Elizabeth Tsurkov has been missing for more than three months, her family is currently concerned. Additionally, according to the Tsurkov family, the Iraqi government bears sole responsibility for her safety. Not to mention, Tsurkov was born in St. Petersburg, Russia, in 1986 to Jewish parents. Her parents allegedly relocated to Israel. Tsurkov’s early years were spent on a kibbutz. While the identity of her father is still unknown, her mother, Irina, has spoken publicly about her daughter. Tsurkov’s parents reportedly served time in prison for cooperating with Natan Sharansky during the Soviet era.

Elizabeth Tsurkov

Tsurkov has a younger sister named Emma as well. Prior to her father, Tsurkov moved to Israel in 1990 with her mother and sister. Later, the Tsurkov family relocated to a West Bank Israeli settlement. Elizabeth Tsurkov is of mixed race, however, it is unknown what religion she practises. Although it is rumoured that Tsurkov may be a Christian, this information will soon be corrected. To your knowledge, Tsurkov speaks Arabic, Hebrew, English, and Russian with ease. When she was nine years old, Tsurkov joined other children from the settlement in a protest in Jerusalem against the Oslo Accords, the peace process with the Palestinians.

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Elizabeth Tsurkov

Kata’ib Hezbollah is holding Elizabeth Tsurkov as hostage. When she travelled to Iraq in March 2023 to conduct research for Princeton University, she was abducted. The general consensus is that Tsurkov is safe, despite everyone’s worries. Irina, Elizabeth’s mother, first told the Israeli public channel Kan that no Israeli officials had contacted her and that she was unaware of Elizabeth’s existence in Iraq. In a similar vein, Emma, her sister, claimed that she had lost touch with her in March despite being aware that her sister was in Baghdad. Elizabeth’s safety, according to the family, is directly under the control of the Iraqi authorities.

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