Ray Epps Military Veteran Arrested Or Not: Appeared Online On A FBI List

Veteran Ray Epps has been detained, right? What action did the previous president of the U.S. Marine Oath Keepers chapter take? Discover all the information below. A veteran of the military, owner of a wedding venue, and former admirer of President Donald Trump is Ray Epps. Although he has denied any role or connection to the government, others have claimed that Epps was a federal agent who provoked the violence. Ray Epps was listed as one of the FBI’s most wanted men, thus many people are wondering if he should be detained. Check to see whether he has ever been detained.

Ray Epps Military Veteran Arrested

Ray Epps Military Veteran Arrested Or Not

Ray Epps, a veteran of the military, has never been detained. He spent roughly six months on the FBI’s most wanted list after the Capitol attack on January 6, 2021. However, his image was abruptly taken off the list without warning. The veteran has never been arrested as a result. In addition, the former US Marine has sued Fox News for slander.

Ray Epps Military Veteran

The lawsuit claims that Fox created a “fantastical story” about Ray Epps being a federal agent in order to “scapegoat” him for the raid on Congress. Mr. Epps was seen on tape in January 2021 encouraging people to enter the Capitol complex. Despite being questioned by FBI investigators, he was not put on trial.

The action, which was filed with a Delaware court on Wednesday, July 19, 2023, makes no mention of damages. Tucker Carlson, who the network kicked off the air earlier this year, is also addressed. According to Mr. Epps’ lawyer, the intimidation and harassment they experienced as a result of the conspiracy theories forced him and his wife to leave their Arizona wedding location and move into a small RV in Utah. Mr. Epps spent the night before and the day of the disturbance with Trump supporters close to the Capitol. He was seen on camera ordering others to enter the structure. “Fed! Fed!” was chanted by the throng, hinting that he was a law enforcement officer.

Epps claims he did not enter the Capitol during the violence and has denied having any contact with police enforcement. He has also acknowledged that his mistaken perception of extensive election fraud in 2020 and his backing of Donald Trump had an impact on him. Soon, James Ray Epps was Born in 1961 or 1962, Ray Epps. He had previously served in the US Marine Corps. After that, Epps and his wife Robyn launched a wedding venue company in Queen Creek, Arizona.

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