Jonas Bare And Cynthia Hovsepian Missing: Alaska Women Missing

In this article, we are going to discuss Alaska’s missing case. So some days ago a woman named Cynthia Hovsepian from Alaska went missing. A 37-year-old woman went missing suddenly and now this case is one of the most discussed topics on the web right now. People want to know about this whole case and people are curious to know if she found yet or not. So as per the report, not just Cynthia along with her a man named Jonas Bare also went missing. We are going to provide you with every single piece of information about this case. So read this whole article without missing anything if you want to know every single update of this case.

Cynthia Hovsepian Missing

Jonas Bare And Cynthia Hovsepian Missing

A 37-year-old woman Cynthia Hovsepian missing. This name is trending on the internet right and people are searching about this case a lot. People gave started posting her picture on Facebook so that whoever sees him please inform her family. her name has made headlines on social media. Her pictures have been shared on every social media platform by her family. They are really worried for her. Not just Cynthia, a man named Jonas Bare also went missing alongside her. They both went missing together. They both are residents of Alaska. This is a very serious case.

Cynthia and Jonas went missing on 8th August 2023. They were last seen together in Fairbanks, Alaska. It is not confirmed what is the relation between both of them. They both checked into an Airbnb in downtown Fairbanks on 8th August 2023. And suddenly they went disappeared. It is reported that they both were scheduled to check out on 11th August 2023 but nobody has seen them since 8th August 2023. Because of their disappearance, their family and close ones are really worried for them and they are posting their pictures on their Facebook handle.

According to the reports, till now Cynthia and Jonas have not been found yet. Police are currently investigating this case and they are searching for both of them. There is not any update yet that there are both of them right now. Their family is wishing that they both are safe and alive wherever they are right now. The Fairbanks Police Department has also shared the pictures of the missing person so people can help find them. From the family of Cynthia, she has been described as 5 feet 5 inches tall woman. She is a woman whose eyes are green and her hairs are blonde.

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