Who Is Queen Bee Helluva Boss? Cotton Candy credit confusion

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Queen Bee Helluva Boss

Queen Bee Helluva Boss

Helluva Boss’ eighth episode of the first season, overall, Queen Bee is a special that serves as the second half of the season’s finale. After being postponed for more than a year, it finally made its YouTube channel debut on June 24, 2023. According to the show’s narrative, Loona receives a call from Blitzo when she is riding in a taxi. She ignores it and hesitantly emerges in front of a mansion that resembles a honeycomb with the party already underway. In order to be ready for Vortex to welcome her and invite her inside, Loona texts him to let him know she has arrived.

Queen Bee Helluva Boss

Vortex introduces Loona to the other customers inside before departing to grab her a drink. When Loona tries to engage in conversation with several hell creatures, their leader calls her “Lunatic Loona” and makes fun of her for actually attending the party after puking at the last one. She then remarks on Loona’s aggressive aura, to which Loona responds by calling her a “Massive Bitch,” drawing surprised looks from everyone in the area. She later discovers that she shouldn’t have used that phrase. When Vortex brings Loona’s drink back, he notices that something is odd, but Loona dismisses it as nothing. The hostess, Beelzebub, then greets the guests and sings “Cotton Candy” to get the celebration started.

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Queen Bee Helluva Boss

Following the song, Beelzebub welcomes Vortex and compliments Loona on how “cute” she is before apologizing that the party wasn’t bigger for her because Belphegor forbade her from using any more of her drugs and locking them up so she couldn’t steal any. Beelzebub is also introduced by Vortex as his girlfriend. Beelzebub is referred to as “Really Hot” by Loona when she blatantly declares that she finds him to be such. The demon is impressed with Loona’s candor and declares her to be her new favorite person.

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