PUBG Mobile Pro League PMPL Arabia Spring 2023: Format, Teams, Prize Money

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Organized by Tencent, the PUBG Mobile Pro League, it is also known by the name PMPL in short, is the primary qualifying competition in the PUBG Mobile ecosystems. In the Arabian region, this holds in the right form. The teams will participate in the mentioned PMPL Arabia spring 2023. This article is all about the PMPL Arabia Spring 2023 in PUBG Mobile. In case one is not aware of it yet, then continue reading.

PUBG Mobile Pro League PMPL Arabia Spring 2023

PUBG Mobile Pro League PMPL Arabia Spring 2023

The PMPL Arabia Spring 2023 follows the standard format that all iterations of the Pro Leagues have followed all over the world for some years now. It is said that teams will compete on weekdays against each other in a round-robin format and the top 16 teams according to the points earned will further make their seats into the Super Weekend. The Super Weekend points across all weeks of play are added and the top 16 teams with the most points earn a spot in the cultivating Grand Finals.

PUBG Mobile Pro League PMPL Arabia Spring 2023

Although, most importantly, the points gathered in a non-Super Weekend game are not added to the grand total and only exist for the purpose of the qualification of the teams to the Super  Weekend. The League stage rewards are granted based on the Super Weekend positions as well.

PUBG Mobile Pro League PMPL Arabia Spring 2023

The tournament is called PMPL Arabia, it also features teams that are not Arabian such as those from the MEA or the Middle East and Africa region and other Gulf countries such as Iraq and Syria. It also includes MENA. There are 12 teams that are invited that earned their spot via the PMNC qualifiers. They are as follows :

  1. Sly Machine (Kazakhstan)
  2. Ooredoo Thunders (Qatar)
  3. Twisted Minds (Saudi Arabia)
  4. RTG Esports (Iraq)
  5. Nigma Galaxy (Iraq)
  6. Geekay Esports (United Arab Emirates)
  7. Team Falcons (Saudi Arabia)
  8. For Kurdistan (Iraq)
  9. SkyRocket Esports (Saudi Arabia)
  10. NASR Esports (United Arab Emirates)
  11. R8 Esports (Saudi Arabia)
  12. POWR eSports (Saudi Arabia)
  1. gQ team (Russia)
  2. Onyx Ravens (Saudi Arabia)
  3. iKURD E-SPORTS (Iraq)
  4. W7 SQUAD (Iraq)
  5. Triple Esports (Saudi Arabia)
  6. Team X Yalla (Saudi Arabia)
  7. Conqueror of Iraq (Iraq)
  8. Brute Force (Russia)

The prize pool of the PMPL Arabia Spring 2023 has not been disclosed by  PUBG Mobile  Esports, as of now. The figure will be likely around 5-figure or a low 6-figure mark. As per the norm, the money will be divided among the teams, with the respective amount of the money decreasing down the table. The prize pool will be updated here, once it gets revealed.

As we conclude, the tournament is set to kick off on May 1, 2023, with the opening League stage games, and then on June 3, 2023, with a 3-day final that will yield the winners of the tournament PMPL Arabia is set to proceed accordingly. As per the given dates and the top team will move on to the PMPL Middle East and Africa Championship in Spring 2023.

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