Rockstar Games GTA 6 Release Date: What day will GTA 6 release?

Finally, after a wait of many years. GTA 6 is coming. Exciting right? We know that you all are very happy and jumping on your bed right now. This news has brought back the smile on the faces of all GTA fans. recently, GTA makers announced the release date of GTA 6. We know that all the fans of GTA are really excited to know about the release date. Everybody is curious to know about its release date. Great Theft Auto has created a legacy by creating a franchise of their game. GTA has been loved by almost every single video game lover even if they are a kid, teen, or young. Every video game lover has a great emotion with GTA. Continue reading this article to know about the Great Theft Auto 6 release date.

GTA 6 release date

Rockstar Games GTA 6 Release Date

Officially, GTA is powered by Rockstar Games. So recently, Rockstar Games announced the GTA 6 release date. First, they announced that they are going to make Grand Theft Auto 6 in February 2022. From then the fans of GTA are very excited about GTA 6. People have shown their support and love to the makers of the game. People are really excited to play GTA 6 now. They are eagerly waiting for its release.


Recently, some people started sharing some leaks of GTA 6 claiming them as true leaks. Nobody knows if the leaks are true or not. GTA 6 leaks created a big issue so because of that after February 2022 the makers finally released a statement regarding this game. The rumor mill continued to spin despite Rockstar Games’ denial, and ever since then, GTA VI rumors and conjecture have been as commonplace as a Brit enjoying a cup of tea in the morning. Some of those rumors said that GTA VI would have two playable characters, Jason and Lucia, who would be modeled by the real-life criminal couple Bonnie and Clyde.

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So it is officially announced that GTA 6 is all set to release in March 2025. Additionally, it has been stated that GTA VI would transport players to South American nations like Brazil in addition to the current Vice City that was influenced by Miami. In addition, a recent corporate conference call from Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games, hinted that GTA VI will release in March 2025. You have to wait just for some more time. In the earnings call for the 2025 fiscal year, which runs from April 2024 to March 2025, Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnic suggested that there will be a significant inflection point, which we anticipate would involve new record levels of operating success.

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