Mega Monk Decks: Best Mega Monk Deck In Clash Royale!

In the new Mega Monk mode, you will face off against others in a troop spawner mode with a twist. The Mega Monk is a chunky monk that spawns on alternative sides of the arena and has a unique ability to deflect enemy projectiles and provide damage reduction to friendly troops. We have managed to put together the best Mega Monk Challenge decks that you can try to lead the arena and win the challenge. You are required to read the article till the end, for further information and follow us around for all the insights. Continue reading for more details. Read on to learn more about each deck and how to use them effectively in the Mega Monk Challenge.

Mega Monk Decks

Mega Monk Decks

Let’s start by talking about the Monk’s strengths and weaknesses. The Monk is an important upgrade to any deck as a Champion card because of his capacity to deflect projectiles back to their origin and temporarily lower incoming damage by 80%. He also has very high hitpoints, which means he can absorb a lot of damage and buy time for other troops to take out enemy units or Crown Towers.

Additionally, his third hit in his combo can knock back all ground troops, which is especially effective against slow troops with low damage outputs. Meanwhile, due to the Monk’s limited damage output, he need the help of other troops to take out opposing units and towers. In certain cases, the additional Elixir required to use the ability may be an issue. Finally, the Monk is suspected to have spells that bypass his protection and cause damage straight to him, such as Poison and Earthquakes. There’s one strategy is to use him as a shield for other troops that are vulnerable to spells.

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For instance, pairing the Monk with cheap ranged units like the Firecracker can deny weak spells such as Arrows, and moderate-health units like the Electro Wizard or Zappies can be protected against Lightning and Poison. Additionally, placing the Monk near an Elixir Collector, Sparky, or your Crown Tower can deny an incoming Rocket and its uninteractive “Rocket Cycle” strategy.

Another strategy is to use the Monk proactively, rather than reactively. Since it can be difficult to deploy the Monk and activate his ability in time to defend against spells like Rocket, it’s often better to use him to apply pressure on the opponent’s side of the field. The  Monk’s high hitpoints and knockback ability make him a strong force, especially when paired with other high-damage or glass cannon troops like the Prince or Mini PEKKA. Here are the top decks for the MEGA MONK Card:

  • Monk-Balloon Beatdown Deck

This deck focuses on using the Monk’s high hitpoints to tank for the Balloon, which deals massive damage to Crown Towers when it reaches them. The Baby Dragon and Musketeer provide additional air support, while the Barbarian Barrel and Goblin Gang take care of ground units. The Inferno Dragon can also help take down tanks like the Giant or Golem.

  • Monk-Sparky Control Deck

This deck centers around the Monk and Sparky combo, with the Monk tanking for the Sparky while it charges up its devastating attack. The Electro Wizard provides additional support against air units, while the Goblin Cage and Skeletons take care of ground units. The Fireball and The Log are used for spell and troop control.

  • Monk-Prince Bridge Spam Deck
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This deck focuses on using the Monk to tank for the Prince and Dark Prince, which can deal massive damage to Crown Towers when they reach them. The Elixir Golem provides additional support and can absorb damage while the Goblin Gang, Ice Spirit, and Zappies take care of ground units. Zap is used for spell control and to reset enemy units. With these decks, you’re sure to dominate the Mega Monk Challenge mode in Clash Royale. Remember to use the Monk’s strengths to your advantage and protect your other troops from enemy spells.

GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN IN THE ARENA! Thank you for being a patient reader.

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