Who are Preet Vikal Parents? Age, family, father, mother, religion, rape case, jailed

A case is in the news which is now becoming viral on social media. Everyone is only talking about this incident and looking to know about the culprit and the case. Other than that, people are curious to know the reaction of the parents of the suspect. According to multiple reports, the suspect is a 20-year-old boy who is facing charges of murder and the court passed the verdict of 7 years and 9 months imprisonment. The suspect is identified as Preet Vikal. The video of him is getting viral on social media in which he was seen carrying the semi-conscious sufferer in his arms and later across his shoulders.

Preet Vikal Parents

Who are Preet Vikal’s Parents?

In further addition to this, Vikal has been facing backlash on social media after this news came to social media. However, many people are getting confused and want to understand the scenario. After watching the case to the core we get to know some shocking facts which surely make you upset and angry at the same time. According to the reports, he was detained after he confess his crime. He confesses that he raped a woman whom he met in the club last year. Now his shameful act brought him into the news and people are even talking about his parents.

He is presently in the news but due to the privacy policy of the court, their names are not revealed. However, we understand how they are feeling at the moment and surely feel shameful over the act of their son. Despite they are not responsible for the sin of their son, people are accusing them of not teaching him how to respect women. As we said, the details of his parents are not known, and due to that we are not able to make any comment on them. However, we know that they are from India and currently residing in their native land.

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Other than that no details of them are available to read. His parents sent him abroad in order to get higher education but instead of that, he ruined the life of himself as well as the victim. He was the first person in his family who go to the International University but instead of making them proud, his act made him sad. The suspect was raised in a family based in Delhi. Due to his shameful act, his family is facing a lot of criticism. The users of social media have been sharing their opinions on the Facebook account of Vikal. He has been arrested and in prison in the Welsh capital of Cardiff.

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