Why Is Jota Leaving Celtic? Reason Explained

There have been rumors about Jota leaving Celtic. People are curious to know more about the reason behind Jota leaving Celtic. You will get complete details about the reason behind Jot leaving Celtic in this article. Keep reading for more information on the website.


Why Is Jota Leaving Celtic?

Jota is also known as Joao Neves Filipe. He is a professional football player. People call him Jota by love. He is 1999 born in Lisbon. He celebrates his birthday every year on the 30th of March. he started playing football in the Youth Academy of SL Benfica. His debut was with the same club’s senior team. He has been one of the best players. He made a representation at Under 19 and Under 20. He played a role in UEFA Under 19 Championship success in 2018. He joined in August 2021 at Celtic FC. He made a key player for Celtic. He got recognition from people after his debut. He was invited for the first time to World XUp 2022. He has made his country proud. He has 292k followers on his Instagram account. You can follow him on his Instagram account @jotafilipe_7. People are curious to know whether Jota is leaving Celtic.

Is Jota Leaving Celtic?

There have been rumors about Jota leaving Celtic. People are curious to know more about the reason behind Jota leaving Celtic. Jota has confirmed his departure from Celtic. He is now moving to Al-Ittihad which is a club in Saudi Arabia. The transfer fee will be Euro 25 million. He won the hearts of people with his performance. He has headed towards making something big with the Arab club. He was willing to be a permanent part of Al-Ittihad while they does not offer the permanent one. He is hardworking and talented. He has the ability to be a part of any group and take it to the highest. He has always been passionate about football. He is quite young yet. He is currently 24 years old. He has a lot to go ahead. Let us conclude the above.

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Jota is the short name of the professional portugese footballer Joao Pedro Beves Filipe. He has been appreciated a lot for his football skills. He has mentioned his departure from Celtic He is willing to join Al-Ittihad which is a saudi arabia club. This was all about Jota and his departure from Celtic. We keep bringing such details on our website. Stay tuned for more information on our website.

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