Popeyes chicken girl dinner viral online trend: here’s what’s included

In this article, we’ll discuss Popeyes in light of the online searches that people are doing for it. The general public uses the internet to learn more about the new dinner offered by Popeyes. To learn more about it, everyone uses the internet. We will therefore provide information on the latest changes to Popeyes meals for the benefit of our readers. To learn more, read the rest of the article.

Popeyes Chicken Girl Dinner

Popeyes chicken girl dinner

With a selection of sides that make a meal, including mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, Cajun fries, coleslaw, biscuits, and red beans and rice, Popeyes is now offering its own take on the viral “girl dinner” fad. This offer comprises side items that must be bought separately, unlike a typical combo deal. Only on Popeyes’ website is the special “girl dinner” tab accessible; the cost is determined by the number of sides bought. The “girl dinner” menu, according to a statement from Popeyes, was created to provide customers “options packed with robust Cajun flavors that are made with the same slow, time-honored, homemade traditions of Southern cooking that the brand started in 1972.”

Popeyes Chicken Girl Dinner

The initial post for the #girldinner trend, which just went viral on TikTok, was made by user Olivia Maher and included a spread of grapes, cornichons, bread, and cheese. It is referred to as an “aesthetically pleasing Lunchable” by The New York Times, which is defined as “an artfully arranged pile of snacks that, when consumed in sufficient volume, constitutes a meal.” Not only Popeyes but other restaurants have benefited from the TikTok craze. The TikTok-famous “Louisiana Chicken Caesar Salad” had a brief stint on the Cheesecake Factory menu last year when it offered a variation of its Caesar salad with fried chicken instead of the usual grilled chicken and caramelized onions.

Also in 2022, McDonald’s briefly offered four TikTok-trending menu “hacks” for its sandwiches. The “Land, Air, and Sea” sandwich, which had a Big Mac, chicken, and Filet-o-Fish on one bun, is one illustration. Prior to 2020, Dunkin’ collaborated with TikTok celebrity Charli D’Amelio on the “The Charli” 2020 iced coffee beverage. The Charli campaign helped Dunkin’ set a record for daily active app users, so the risk paid off. During the COVID-19 epidemic, Popeyes prospered. Additionally, it’s expanding. In the fiscal year 2021, the business boasted 3,705 worldwide locations and 2,754 U.S. locations, the most openings since Restaurant Brands Worldwide acquired it in 2017. The formula for the franchise’s achievement? Its special crispiness is what makes its fried chicken recipe famous.

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